November 15, 2018

One of the best ways to keep your vehicle up and running is having a well-maintained battery. If you don’t want your car to be stranded and avoid mechanical car charges, get your tools ready to perform regular DIY battery maintenance. The objective is to get as much life out of your batteries as possible … Continue reading “DIY Car Battery Maintenance Tips”

November 8, 2018

The dead battery in your vehicle can cause inconvenience which is understandable. If you are at a place where it is difficult for any car boosting service to reach and jump-start your vehicle, you probably need to use someone else’s vehicle to bring your vehicle back to life. It is not difficult to carry out … Continue reading “How To Jump Start Your Vehicle”

October 22, 2018

Imagine a situation in which your car hits a massive pothole and one of the tires blows out, or when your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere on the road and you have absolutely no idea what to do. Most people tend to panic when they face roadside emergencies, which only adds to … Continue reading “Tips To Ensure Safety When Your Car Breaks Down”

October 15, 2018

Tires are key components of your vehicle which require proper maintenance. Today’s tires are tough enough to survive mishandling and lack of maintenance. However, neglecting tire health can be very costly. Here are some tips to extend tire life and avoid roadside inconvenience: Keep tires properly inflated Over or under-inflated tires can badly affect your … Continue reading “Tips to Extend Tire Life And Avoid Road Accidents”

October 8, 2018

In many cases, vehicles end up in circumstances which require special trucks and equipment to extract stuck vehicles. Heavy vehicles such as recreational trucks, heavily loaded trucks, and buses can get well off the roadbed because of their mass and momentum. Apart from heavy vehicles, off-road lightweight vehicles often get stuck where it becomes impossible … Continue reading “Vehicle Recovery Service In Edmonton”

September 25, 2018

Safety is an important part of any towing operation. The use of right equipment, tow trucks, hauling techniques, and skills are key when it comes to ensuring safety and success. Substandard equipment and inexperienced operators can lead to accidents and property damage. However, observing a strict adherence to codes and safety guidelines will surely lead … Continue reading “Safety Tips For Towing A Trailer”

September 17, 2018

If you have never hired a towing company before, you may be wondering what to expect in terms of performance, service and pricing. When there is no criterion available to help you differentiate a good service from a bad one, you may find it difficult to find an efficient, safe and affordable service. While prompt … Continue reading “What To Expect From The Best Towing Company in Edmonton”

August 27, 2018

The rain can make roads hard to navigate and slippery which makes the average drive a little more dangerous. When rain hits the road, the risk of road accidents increases. Rain cannot be controlled; however, you can take certain safety measures to make driving in the rain safer. Driving in the rain, whether a heavy … Continue reading “Tips For Driving Safe In the Rain”

August 8, 2018

Towing services are not limited to providing roadside assistance. A tow truck driver can perform a set of towing operations ranging from a small job like boosting to a more complex job like recovering heavy vehicles. As a one-stop towing company in Edmonton, we can certainly do more than auto scrap removal and transporting damaged … Continue reading “Tow Truck Service Edmonton: Going Beyond Roadside Assistance”

July 23, 2018

Road accidents are avoidable if people were to be a bit more cautious. When you are driving, don’t let anything distract your attention. Distractions, impaired driving and speeding are the major causes of car accidents in Canada. The following are some useful tips to avoid road accidents: Don’t use mobile devices It is illegal to … Continue reading “Tips To Avoid Road Accidents”

July 17, 2018

If you are a victim of a car accident, you might need help from a nearby towing company, especially when your car is severely damaged. Most people never really think about towing services or how these services really work. First of all, it’s important to determine whether or not your car really needs to be … Continue reading “Getting Your Car Towed After An Accident”

July 11, 2018

When out on the road driving blissfully and your car breaks down, don’t get frustrated. If you run into mechanical problems or an accident, you better have our number on speed dial. It takes just a phone call to get help with roadside assistance. Be it a flat tire, engine failure, or an accident, knowing … Continue reading “Reliable Towing Service a Phone Call Away”