Action Towing has been serving and earning the trust of the community of Edmonton for many years now. Being a reputable towing, recovery, and roadside assistance service company in Edmonton, we only rely on highly skilled tow truck drivers and the latest equipment. Reasonable rates coupled with high-quality service make us one of the most trusted towing companies in Edmonton. Our tow experts use fully certified equipment and accessories to ensure your safety and peace of mind. The following are some of the features of our services that help us stand out:

  • Variety of tow trucks and equipment
  • Heavy Duty Towing
  • 24 Hour emergency service
  • Highly experienced and friendly staff
  • Comprehensive range of expertise
  • Safe & secure
  • Quick & affordable
  • Fully-insured
  • Environment-friendly

Price Update

Due to the recent increase in Alberta commercial insurance premiums, Action Towing is required to adjust our prices. Starting January 2021, our prices will increase by approximately 3-5% for our towing and roadside assistance services. This is not something we look forward to, but it is required in order for us to continue to provide our clients with premium service including full insurance coverage. At Action Towing, we do our best to provide our clients with competitive market rates across the board. As valued clients, we thank you for your business and understanding. Should the Alberta insurance market rates change, we will adjust our pricing accordingly.

We’re here to help. Whether it is a vehicle breakdown or a roadside accident, we have the expertise and equipment to get the job done. Give us a call for a quick recovery and any roadside assistance.

We provide the highest quality roadside assistance and emergency services for cars, fleets, and trucks. Our team has been providing quick roadside assistance and towing services for vehicles of all sizes in Edmonton. We distinguish ourselves by our ability to adapt to your needs. Get a free quote now!



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