April 19, 2019

It’s a common perception that towing a car by attaching a hauling tow ball hitch to it is an easy job which doesn’t involve any special equipment or skills. Without proper tools, towing knowledge and experience, it’s dangerous to tow a heavy object such as a car. While an unexpected car breakdown is an inconvenient … Continue reading “Reasons Why You Should Not Tow Your Own Car”

April 12, 2019

Do you have a damaged or old vehicle rusting away in your backyard? You probably have no idea what to do with auto scrap. It’s not a good idea to repair a car which has reached its full life potential. If the cost of repairing a car is more than the car itself, it’s time … Continue reading “What You Need To Know About Auto Scrap Removal”

April 5, 2019

Heavy duty towing is a highly technical job that requires special skills, heavy duty tow trucks, and equipment so that heavy objects can be safely secured and transported from one place to another. This is why only experts with the right experience and equipment take on such hauling tasks. Action Towing is one of the … Continue reading “Heavy Duty Towing Tips Edmonton”

March 29, 2019

There are a number of common misconceptions or myths people often associate with towing companies. Surprisingly, one of the common myths is that tow truck companies take advantage of certain situations. Just imagine a situation where a person parks his or her car on illegal property, and the property owner calls a towing company to … Continue reading “Common Misconceptions About Towing Companies In Edmonton”

March 21, 2019

Driving conditions vary greatly from region to region mainly because of the weather and road infrastructure. In Alberta, driving in the winter can be horrific because of the harsh weather and hazardous driving conditions. Before you set forth on your journey, make sure you’re aware of the conditions and have yourself prepared enough to ensure … Continue reading “Winter Driving Tips To Keep You Safe In Alberta”

March 15, 2019

Distracted driving refers to a situation when a driver’s attention from driving diverts, as a result of the driver doing non-driving activities. It decreases alertness and affects the decision-making power of a driver, leading to increased risk of road accidents. In Canada, distracted driving is one of the major factors contributing to almost 8 in … Continue reading “Top 5 Most Deadliest Driving Distractions”

March 7, 2019

Snowy conditions can create hazardous driving conditions where it becomes difficult to avoid accidents. A driver can be driving down the road with full control and confidence and suddenly a patch of black ice spins the vehicle off the road. First of all, stay home when snow is piling up on the road. If you … Continue reading “Tips For Driving In The Snow”

February 28, 2019

You rely on your vehicle as a dependable mode of transportation. From going to the office and shopping to off-road trips, you can trust your car. However, a broken down car can cause you plenty of inconveniences, especially when you least expect it. Roadside assistance is a service that is there to help you when … Continue reading “Situations Where Roadside Assistance Becomes Inevitable”

February 22, 2019

Most people don’t really know much about the towing profession or tow trucks. Is there anything interesting about tow trucks or the towing industry? While it’s certainly an unpleasant situation when your car breaks down and you need a tow truck service to either tow your car or provide some roadside assistance to resolve the … Continue reading “Some Interesting Facts About Towing & Tow Trucks”

February 15, 2019

Car batteries often die at the most inconvenient times. The battery in your car performs a critical function; it provides the power to start your car. Batteries should perform their job no matter the weather or driving conditions. However, like so many other parts of your car, the battery doesn’t last forever and needs to … Continue reading “When To Replace Your Car Battery”

February 8, 2019

It is understandable that a vehicle breakdown is never convenient, especially in the winter when temperatures tumble. If you find yourself stuck in this situation, it is advisable to sit tight and call for help. However, it is even better to follow some tips and tricks that can help you avoid a breakdown like this … Continue reading “How to Avoid Vehicle Breakdowns In The Winter”

January 30, 2019

Serious road accidents are common reasons why vehicles got overturned. Needless to say that rollovers can lead to serious injuries. While it is painful to accept the consequences of road accidents caused by irresponsible drivers, it is important to take precautionary measures and prevent road accidents. An overturned vehicle should be removed immediately for many … Continue reading “Reasons Why You Should Use A Tow Truck To Move An Overturned Vehicle”