Vehicle Towing
Cars to 1/2 Ton Trucks $80.00
3/4 – 1 Ton Single Wheel Reg Cab $90.00
3/4 – 1 Ton Single Wheel Ext Cab $100.00
1 Ton Dual Wheel $125.00
1.5 Ton F450 & Up $135.00
Per Kilometer Loaded
City $3.00/KM
Highway $3.00/KM
Winching** – City
First 15 minutes (within 10 km radius of city limits) $100.00
After 15 minutes (within 10 km radius of city limits) $1.50/minute
Winching** – Highway
First 15 minutes $100.00 Plus $3.00 Per KM
After 15 minutes After 15 minutes $1.50/minute
Heavy Duty Towing
5 Ton & semi trucks $180.00/HR
Tractor Trailer combination $210/HR
1.5 Ton F450 & Up to 3 Ton $135.00/HR
Drive Shaft Removal $50.00
Dollies $40
Flat Deck Car Carrier
Scrap Vehicle Removal
FREE – Large or Small
Vehicle Unlocking
Vehicle Boosting, Tire changes

** We do not offer tire change service in temperatures below -15 degrees Celsius.

** We DO NOT charge a fuel surcharge.

** Please be advised, these are the minimum base prices for winching and may increase due to difficult circumstances at the scene.

Please note that the above prices do not include GST.

If you need additional information or want to discuss something specific, please give us a direct call or write us an email at your convenience. We would be glad to talk about your project needs in detail.