Heavy Duty Towing

Our reliable and powerful tow trucks in Edmonton can carry heavy loads safely. We can carefully tow a semi tractor-trailer just as easy as a regular sport utility vehicle. We’re fully committed to 30-minute arrival time, so you’re never kept waiting for long. We offer the most competitive prices throughout the Edmonton area and provide you with the best customer care. Whether you need a heavy-duty haul or a flatbed towing, we’ll be more than happy to assist you. No other company out there can match us in price or quality. We’re just that good!

Heavy-duty recovery is the most optimal way to transport heavy objects and vehicles. You can’t afford to have an amateur company to practice unethical tactics on your precious vehicle. Our tow truck technicians strictly follow our safety policy, which guarantees that your vehicle receives the maximum level of safety and protection. We’ll carefully attach your vehicle to our powerful trucks, and safely transport it to your assigned destination.

Our customer care team will walk you through the entire process, and stay with you on the line. All work is done on the spot, and we require each technician to present you with their name and reference number. We believe in placing your safety above anything else. That means we will not begin working until you’re completely out of any possible danger on the road. Don’t settle for the second-best, when you deserve first-class premium service!