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7 Ways To Avoid Abrupt Vehicle Breakdowns


In an era where the population of vehicles exceeds that of humans, car breakdowns are just as common as human illnesses. In Canada alone, about 1.6 million new cars were registered in 2021. As a result, you will surely encounter an unexpected car breakdown situation every once in a while.

Resultantly, the need for professional roadside assistance services is as normal as the necessity for doctors and other medical services.

Although contemporary technology and computer-aided driving features are praiseworthy, vehicle breakdowns will be an inevitable and inescapable part of your life. The same principle applies to human health and modern medicine. In truth, robotics, artificial intelligence, and mechanization just can’t downright rid us of a few things, no matter how hard we try.

Nonetheless, you can take precautions to at least downcast the risk of such occurrences and adversaries. As they say, hedging one’s bets is preferable to leaving things in the hands of fate. So, even though vehicle breakdowns are unpredictable, there are a few good practices that can avert the risk of being left stranded on the road.

To help you avoid unexpected car breakdowns, this blog post will enlist and discuss seven aversive ways.

1. Do A Quick Pre-Drive Inspection

This advice typically appears at the top of almost all of our safety tips, and the reasons are undeniably legitimate. Although most drivers forsake pre-drive inspections, they could mean the difference between a pleasant trip and a frustrating expedition filled with unwanted stops.

Such an inspection will help you identify a problem before hitting the road and prevent the possibility of a more significant problem that could have occurred amid traffic. Thus, we recommend that you make it a habit to constantly check on basic things like the brakes, battery, and tire pressure of your vehicle.

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2. Be A Courteous And Diligent Driver

Road rage, rough driving, or even mere hastiness can be detrimental to vehicle owners. In a state of anger, you might think tailgating someone is a good way to teach them a lesson. However, this practice will backfire when the other person makes an abrupt stop and you bump into them.

Similarly, being persistent about rough driving and sudden braking also deteriorate brakes, tires, and other components faster. The latter significantly heightens the chances of vehicle breakdowns. In the end, such driving malpractices cause more harm to the ones that undertake them.

3. Keep A Stringent Eye On Your Tires And Battery

Although we have already discussed the importance of pre-trip inspections, this point holds significant value on its own. Batteries and tires are the culprits behind most vehicle breakdowns. Hence, besides regular maintenance and inspection, devote ample time every few weeks for a thorough battery and tire checkup.

The latter will save you a lot of trouble on the road.

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4. Take The Warning Signs Seriously

When driving, ignorance is not just a mistake but a sin. If your car makes strange noises even when you brake smoothly or if the various indicators act funny, do not ignore them. Even if you are in a hurry for something very important, put your safety and that of your vehicle above it.

It is better to be late than to not even get the chance to tell the tale at all. Not only can tire and battery problems result in abrupt breakdowns, but they can also prove highly life-threatening. As emphasized earlier, it is safer to identify a problem before it gets bigger and takes you by surprise on a highway.

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5. Do Not Ask For Trouble

Besides the aforementioned technical problems, some people can’t avoid inviting problems that don’t exist. Your vehicle is a mechanical device that will give up if you try to overburden it.

No matter how sophisticated and robust it is, do not stretch the car’s endurance beyond its limits. Sadly, some people treat their small vehicles like semi trucks and overload them in every way possible. Your car isn’t meant for the activities depicted below. So don’t do such things if you want your vehicle to remain in good health.

Do Not Ask For Trouble


6. Expect The Unexpected

As you can see, our last two pointers are not really assertive but remedial measures.

Even after taking all the necessary precautions, do not let go of the string of alertness. It is imperative to remember that despite your best efforts, your car can still unexpectedly break down. Thus, always be ready for such a situation.

7. Have A Roadside Assistance Service Provider In Your Contact List

Given the unpredictability of a breakdown, the best precaution at your disposal is to always have a reliable roadside assistance service provider’s contact number in your phone. Depending upon the need of the hour, give them a call and obtain timely battery boosting, towing, or vehicle recovery services.

About Action Towing

Although vehicle breakdowns are unpredictable, Action Towing’s wide range of superior towing and roadside assistance services is highly dependable. Contact us now to solve your roadside adversary.


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