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Things To Inspect In Your Car Before A Long Road Trip

Things To Inspect In Your Car Before A Long Road Trip

Despite advancements in science and technology, humankind lacks solutions to many games of fate. No matter how sophisticated our AI and computers become, one thing we can still not do is predict the future. Similarly, it is hard to understand why things we fear the most always happen at the time we least expect or least want them to happen. For example, a close family member’s death the day before another member’s wedding, a pimple breakout before your perfect lunch date, and a sore throat when you have signed up for a singing competition.

Similarly, car breakdowns ensue when you most wish they wouldn’t happen. It is summer – vacation season and every family is eager to escape the city’s hectic lifestyle and relish the solace of nature’s splendid beauty. Everything seems to go as planned. You have packed all the necessities, the children are ready, and you have the food and snacks to munch on along the way. However, that sinking feeling that something terrible will happen turns into a bitter reality when your car gives up on the way for no valid reason. What a party pooper.

As professional emergency towing services providers, we understand your pain. Although fate can not be fought with, you must understand that it is actually a game of probability and luck. Your deeds shape your future. Thus it is possible to at least reduce the chances of a breakdown, if not completely eradicate it. If you do your best, fate might be merciful toward you.

In order to help our readers avoid the pain of being left stranded on the road when taking a long trip, this blog will discuss the things to inspect in your vehicle before departing for such trips.

Start With The Tires

The Hankook Survey suggests that one of the biggest fears facing an average Canadian is encountering a flat tire. During the summer, this fear is amplified as both the tires, and the road are equally beaten up by the harshness of a bitterly cold and prolonged winter. For those of you who don’t use separate winter tires, our best recommendation for you is to replace your existing tires.

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For others, the first thing you should do is check that there is a healthy extra tire and an emergency toolkit in your trunk. Then, go ahead and examine the inflation of all your tires and inspect their treads. If anything looks out of place, attend to it before leaving for the trip.

One thing you must keep in mind is that these checks should never be left for the last minute. You must do these a day or two beforehand to avoid any last-minute panic or delays.

Check The Battery

Besides the tires, the second most common reason for a car breakdown is a malfunctioning battery. Thus, you must start with a basic visual inspection and see if the terminals are showing any signs of corrosion. To ensure a better and uninterrupted electrical connectivity, clean the corrosion. You can do this by mixing 15ml of baking soda with 250ml of water and using an old toothbrush to gently scrub off the corrosion. If things still appear unsettling, take the car to a nearby service station for an inspection.

If anything goes wrong during the trip, you can peacefully rely on us for battery-boosting services anywhere in and around Edmonton.

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Do Your Wipers Need To Be Replaced?

Showers and storms are a sure encounter in the summer. Hence, you must ensure that your car’s windshield wipers are in the perfect condition to adequately displace water. Unfortunately, many people disregard this step only to be clicking their teeth in disapproval at the weather.

In worst cases, malfunctioning wipers lead to many accidents during storms.

Examine The Horn, Windshield, Mirrors, And Lights

Speaking of wipers, windshield inspections are also essential. Inspect the windshield for apparent cracks or chips and get them repaired quickly. Similarly, inspect the mirrors, lights, and the horn for proper functioning.

Test For Any Unusual Behaviour

Lastly, do not ignore any apparent unusual behavior shown by your vehicle. Take it for a test drive and keep your senses alert to any weird sounds or scents. If anything suspicious occurs, take the vehicle to a service station for a timely repair. Besides your own senses, also trust your vehicle’s warning indicators. Pay attention to your dashboard and resolve all warning lights.

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