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Common Vehicle Warning Signs That You Should Look Out For

Common Vehicle Warning Signs That You Should Look Out For

Having unusual car problems is a dreadful experience. In the past the vehicles did not come with warning lights but now, over time, vehicle technology has been updated so now vehicles come with different warning lights that can help you detect the problem earlier on.

These warning lights act as an indicator that something is wrong with your vehicle so that you can fix the problem beforehand.

So it is important that you have enough knowledge about these warning lights. Most of these warning lights are located on the dashboard of your vehicle while there are some that are difficult to spot.

Moreover it is very important that you know exactly what these warning lights mean so that you can stop your vehicle and call a certified towing company for roadside assistance.

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In this blog post we have curated a list of the top 4 warning signs that you should look out for in your vehicle for your safety.

Check Engine Light

Your engine is one of the most vital parts of your vehicle hence it should be kept in the best working condition.

The engine of your vehicle is a complex part therefore the check engine light will indicate that there is a significant problem with your engine.

If the engine light starts to blink then there might be a problem with the oxygen sensor, or the fuel cap.

So if you see your engine light blinking then make sure that you get it checked quickly by a professional mechanic.

Oil Pressure Light

If the oil pressure light is blinking then it means that your vehicle is in serious danger and needs immediate maintenance.

The oil pressure light is one of the most critical warning signs among all the other warning lights as it signals that there is a fault in your vehicle’s oil pump.

The oil pump of your vehicle is responsible for keeping the engine oil well distributed and maintaining the oil levels of your vehicle.

Hence if there is a fault in your oil pump then it can cause oil leaks and damage the engine of your vehicle.

So as soon as you spot this light blinking on your vehicle, quickly stop the engine swiftly and call a certified towing company for an oil change or a tow to the nearest repair shop.

Battery Light

Another important light in your vehicle is the battery light. This warning sign indicates that something is wrong with your vehicle’s charging system.

Though it is normal if this light blinks while starting, if it continues to blink after this and your car won’t start then it could mean that there is a problem with your vehicle’s battery.

When the battery light blinks there is usually a problem with the battery but sometimes the issue can also be with the wiring, voltage, alternator or regulator of your vehicle.

If your vehicle has electrical problems then it’s best that you get them checked before taking it out for a drive.

Smoke Coming Out Of The Exhaust Pipe

If you notice some black smoke coming out of your vehicle’s exhaust pipe then it is an indication that your car has a serious engine problem.

However if you see blue smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe then this is an indication that your vehicle has an oil leak.

Hence while driving if you notice any smoke coming from your exhaust pipe immediately park your car on the side of the road and call a certified towing company for help.

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