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Important Things You Need to Know About Car Batteries

Important Things You Need to Know About Car Batteries

Several reasons can affect your mood at the end of your day. This might include a rough or hectic day, a long meeting with the boss, an empty stomach, or a car battery that died at an infelicitous time. There are several reasons why your cars’ battery may die but it is not always easy to find the exact reason.

There are two things that you can do at that time.

  1. Try to manage it by yourself.
  2. Call a towing company for roadside assistance services .

If you travel regularly, you must know some basics on how to handle your car if it stops due to a malfunction. It can be stopped due to an engine heat up, shortage of fuel, or a dead car battery.

Some Basic Knowledge About Car Batteries

Car batteries are classified into different types. However, most vehicles consist of lead-acid batteries. These batteries are usually 12 volts. Even a slight decrease in voltage can affect the performance of your car’s battery. The charging process of the battery starts once the engine turns on.

If your car’s battery dies, this indicates that your vehicle has stopped charging your battery and the voltage has been consumed.

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Reasons Your Car’s Battery May Have Died

  1. Cold or hot weather
  2. Shortage of voltage
  3. If headlight lights are left on for a long time
  4. The battery is in poor condition
  5. The battery has insecure connections
  6. Fault in the charging system
  7. Basic maintenance

Important Steps To Take If Your Car’s Battery Dies

Check for loose connections

If your battery is causing trouble, check the connections of your battery. Connections can be loosened or corroded. This will not allow the battery to function properly. Check for corrosion on the terminals of the battery. You can also look at the cable connectors and nearby areas of the terminal. There may be some colorful stains. These stains can also indicate corrosion.

If you see signs of corrosion, don’t go about DIYing your way out of the issue. It can turn out to be a dangerous escapade. It is better to call a professional assistance service who can help you in the situation.

Check for a drain

When you keep your headlights off but your battery still keeps on dying, there can be a drain in your car. See if you kept the radio turned on for a while when the engine was not working or if any other light was left turned on.

To ensure there are no unnecessary drains, contact a professional. The technician will disconnect your battery cable. After disconnecting, he or she will check the current flow with the help of a multimeter on high amperage.

Charge your battery

If your car’s battery is dying, check the voltage of your battery. If it is low, it will have to be charged with an alternator. On the other hand, if the voltage is fine, drive your car. When your car is in motion, the alternator will recharge the battery. But, don’t turn on your air conditioner or heater as it consumes the battery.

Jumpstart your car

If your car is not starting by switching on your vehicle’s ignition, this means that your battery is completely dead. The best way to deal with this is by calling for a battery winching service.

You can jumpstart the car but if you don’t have any prior experience, you are advised not to try it yourself.

Ask for help from a towing company

When you are stuck somewhere, and no help is available and you can’t manage it by yourself, it is a good idea to call a towing company for assistance. A reliable towing company can efficiently handle your vehicle. They have experts in their team and come with the proper equipment. They can also provide you with roadside assistance services.

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