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Quick Tricks To Start Your Car When The Battery Is Dead

Quick Tricks To Start Your Car When The Battery Is Dead

Do you know what the worst part about a car battery problem is? They happen when you are in a hurry and least expect such a problem to occur. In short, they choose the most inappropriate times to say hello.

Besides being a huge inconvenience, car battery problems are a bit technical and usually hard to solve on your own. Regardless, we have seen average drivers go to the extent of learning a few basic tips to revive a car’s battery. These people always keep a set of mechanical tools to overcome any unexpected battery surprises.

However, not every battery problem is a DIY thing. Sometimes, these DIY tricks may distort the battery and its components. Remember that besides having a complex wiring system, a car battery also contains reactive chemicals. Any inappropriate or unsafe action may not only result in irreparable battery damage but also in physical injury. Thus, whenever you face a battery problem, request boosting services from a reliable roadside assistance provider in Edmonton.

Nevertheless, we understand and acknowledge that calling a professional towing company may not be a viable option in certain circumstances. Let us discuss a possible scenario: You wake up early in the morning only to realize that you missed your alarm and are going to be late for an important meeting. You carelessly rush through your morning routine, decide to skip breakfast, and hop into your car. But guess what? The vehicle won’t start. Despite your determined efforts and hopeless pleas, your precious vehicle stays adamantly quiet.

Now what?

In this blog post, we shall reveal to you the most successful and safest tricks to revive your car’s battery in an emergency. For a clearer understanding, the solutions below will be outlined according to three possible scenarios requiring different tricks.

There Is No Clicking Sound

This is the dullest situation possible. The tricks we want to equip you with are like emergency first aid techniques. Thus, if your car shows no signs of life at all, you do not have a lot of options at your disposal. The best you can do is:

Reestablish The Electrical Connection

This trick is the easiest, but success is not guaranteed. Simply move the shifter to the neutral position while placing your foot on the brake. Now turn the key and see if the car starts. If it doesn’t, bring the shifter back to the park position and try to start the car. This movement aids in inducing an electrical charge within the neutral safety switch and is also known as a transmission range selector.

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Jump Start

This method works if you know how to do it. Moreover, you will need a pair of jumper cables and someone to help you jump-start a car. All you have to do is clamp the first red cable to the positive side of the dead battery and the second red cable to the positive side of a working battery. Then attach one black cable to the negative side of the working battery and the other one to any metal part of your engine.

Simply start the working car and leave it on for a while. Now start the car with the dead battery and disconnect both vehicles.

There Is A Clicking Sound

If the car makes a clicking sound, it means the battery is not dead but too weak or dirty to start the car. The simplest ways to start such a car is to:

Hit The Battery Terminals

Cleaning the battery is not an option when you are running out of time. As a quick solution, try hitting the terminals with the back of your shoe to help attain a sound connection.

Turn The Key Repetitively

Another easy trick is to continuously turn the key to the start position several times (more than ten times). Then take a five minute break and do the same thing again. The car will start if the battery is not almost dead.

The Engine Cranks But Doesn’t Come To Life

Lastly, if the engine makes a sound, but the car refuses to start, use the following ideas:

Hit The Fuel Tank

This is the easiest trick. Simply hit the fuel tank with the back of your shoe repeatedly and try starting the car.

Give The Engine More Fuel

When nothing seems to work, you can deceive your car’s computer as a last resort. Simply press the accelerator halfway and try to start the car. This will cause the computer to supply more fuel to the engine, which will bring it to life.

Request Professional Roadside Assistance Services

Only a faithful companion can save the day when luck is not on your side on the road. We have spent years roaming Edmonton’s roads to provide timely and professional roadside assistance to anyone who calls upon us. After all, not every situation can be handled by the above-mentioned tricks. Learn more about Action Towing and our dedicated towing services in Edmonton.

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