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What To Do With Your Cars’ Dead Battery

What To Do With Your Cars’ Dead Battery

Getting ready to go somewhere just to find out your car’s battery is out of charge can be frustrating. Car batteries can go dead for various reasons, and it might be difficult for you to detect those issues. Therefore, dead car batteries are the number one reason for call-outs to professional car battery services.

If you are having some trouble with your car battery, it is time to take some action. Apart from towing, what else can you do to get yourself back on the road? This blog post might help you with that as we highlight the common reasons behind a dead battery and what you can do if you face such a situation.

Common Reasons Of A dead Battery

  • It might be cold outside.
  • There is a fault or problem with the battery.
  • Your battery has reached its end-of-life stage.
  • There is too much electrical load on the battery.
  • Your interior lights were left on.
  • Using the air conditioner when the car is not running
  • Not maintaining it well.
  • The alternator is not functioning well.

What Can You Do In Case Of A Dead Battery?

If you find yourself with a dead battery, there are some steps that you can take.

Call A Towing Company

If you want to have your car transferred to a nearby trusted mechanic, you can call a towing service for this. Instead of asking your friends or other passersby to tow your car, you can ask for help from a professional towing company to tow your car more safely. They have the right kind of trucks available suitable for towing different kinds of vehicles. They will tow your car and transfer it to your desired location.

Charge It Up

Another common issue is that there is no charge left in the battery leading it to become dead. A common reason for this is that you left the interior lights or headlights on in your car, and it used up all of your battery charge.

If there is little charge left, chances are you can recharge it using a car battery charger that is connected to its mains. Many roadside assistance companies also offer battery boosting services that can serve the same purpose and charge your car’s battery so you can get going again whenever you need to be.

Replace Your Battery

If you see that your battery is causing more problems than ever and its problems are becoming frequent, it may be time to change your car’s battery. Every part of your car has a limited lifetime, after which it begins to cause problems. If you have been using the same car battery for years and now it is causing issues, it is best to replace it before anything gets out of hand. Many mechanics can assist you in buying the best kind of car battery and replacing it.

Jumpstart Your Car

Jumpstarting is when a car makes a temporary connection to the battery of another vehicle or some other external power source. This process is also called boosting. However, you will need a jump starter pack and another vehicle for this.

These are some of the options that you can opt for if you ever experience a dead battery. It is best that you replace your car battery on time and maintain it in good condition, so it can last longer.

When Should You Replace Your Car’s Battery?

There is no specific rule about how long a battery should last. It depends on your usage, maintenance routine, and temperature conditions. However, most batteries will last between 7-9 years, after that they should be replaced.

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