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4 Causes Of A Dead Car Battery

4 Causes Of A Dead Car Battery

A multitude of car problems can lead to your car not starting upon ignition. It can be a fault in the ignition system, the wiring or something else. It can also be a dead battery which is usually a common reason for a car not turning on. Your car breaking down just before work or during your commute is a very frustrating experience, However, with the right roadside assistance services the situation can be easily overcome.

A car battery can drain if you leave your car sitting for a few months or accidently leave its lights on. But you can still face this issue even if you drive your vehicle regularly.

Knowing what causes the problem can help you avoid frustrating situations like the ones mentioned above.

In this post, we have mentioned some of the common reasons for a dead car battery.

Your Headlights Were On

The only thing on your mind after getting off work is reaching home quickly so you can relax and have some family time after a long day. In the rush to leave your car and get inside, people sometimes forget to close their car door properly or turn their headlights off. This can drain the car battery during the night.

Since the engine is off, the lights take power from the battery draining it within a few hours. It is imperative that a car battery has power for ignition. Even something as small as a dome light can drain your battery and prevent your car from starting the next day. The best way to avoid this problem is to ensure that your headlights are off and the door is locked before exiting your vehicle.

There’s A ‘Parasitic Draw’

A turned-on accessory can cause your battery to drain rapidly. But sometimes your car still won’t start even after you have made sure that all the electronic accessories are off. This usually indicates that your car might have faulty wiring that is depleting your battery without any apparent issue. This is called a ‘parasitic draw’.

In a running car, the alternator charges the battery. So when your vehicle is turned off, its battery is not being charged. Jumpstarting your car will resolve this issue. However, if you have no experience in jumpstarting a car, it is advised you try not to do it yourself as it can do more harm than good. It is better to contact your local car boosting service provider to repair the faulty wiring immediately and avoid facing the same issue again.

Loose Battery Connections

You won’t be able to start your car if your battery is disconnected. The battery’s connectors can jostle loose if your daily route has bumpy terrain. Its terminals can also corrode over time. This might lead to either your engine completely shutting down or not enough power being transmitted by your cars’ battery to start the engine.

Tightening your battery connectors can solve this problem. Moreover, you need to clean your battery regularly to avoid corrosion-related issues. This will ensure that your vehicle’s battery is properly charged at all times.

Harsh Weather Conditions

Freezing cold winter weather and the scorching hot summer heat can lead to your batteries’ internals freezing or deteriorating its chemical structure. This is most common in old batteries. However, sometimes even a new car battery can succumb to extreme temperature conditions. This will either weaken your battery’s overall performance or result in it completely dying.

If you notice any performance issues with your battery, you must hire your nearest car service provider to diagnose and solve the problem. They have the right equipment and experience to jumpstart or boost your battery as well as provide a replacement if needed.

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