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The Role Of Tow Truck Drivers In Ensuring Safe Winter Towing


Extreme weather conditions, such as heavy rainfall and snowstorms, during the winter months make driving difficult and dangerous. Official statistics also show that wet, snowy, and icy roads during the winter cause much more accidents than ideal dry road conditions.

A towing company plays an integral role in managing the after-effects of such accidents, car collisions, vehicle breakdowns, and other emergencies. Professional towing experts have plenty of knowledge, experience, and training to deal with different types of vehicles and provide quality winter towing services.

The following are some of the most important factors that are considered to provide safe towing services in the winter.

The Proper Maintenance Of Tow Trucks

Regular inspection and maintenance of the tow trucks are important to maximize their performance, safety, and overall efficiency. A well-maintained truck is capable of safely towing the vehicles, even in snowy weather conditions.

Maintenance of the tow trucks involves making sure the tires are in good condition and the truck has all of the required fluids. Moreover, the other parts of the truck, such as its brakes, electrical systems, and lights, are checked regularly and repaired if required.

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Using Winter Tires

Specialized winter tires are available to increase traction on the road in winter. It is important to note that traction affects the quality and safety of towing services. Snowy and icy road conditions can cause the tow truck to have a significantly lesser grip, leading to unsafe towing conditions.

Such issues can be avoided by using winter tires. Once the traditional tires are replaced with specialized winter tires, it will become easier for the tow truck driver to stop, accelerate, and turn the truck in varying directions.

Choosing The Right Tow Truck

The specific model of the tow truck being used to tow a vehicle impacts its overall towing procedures and safety. Due to heavy snowfall or even snowstorms, it can be very difficult to tow vehicles on icy and snowy roads.

However, when you hire professional towing services, the towing experts will choose the best type of tow truck according to the road conditions and the type of vehicle to be towed. Since tow truck drivers have a lot of experience in the towing industry, they are fully capable of choosing the right type of tow truck that will get the job done quickly and safely. Ultimately, selecting the right kind of tow truck is essential to ensure safe winter towing.

Use Specialised Breaks

The working of a tow truck is impacted by the road conditions. Hence, why when you apply brakes on an icy or slippery road, the entire vehicle can behave unpredictably due to a lack of traction.

Nevertheless, these types of issues can be avoided to a great extent by using the right tires and specialized breaks during the winter to ensure maximum control over the vehicle. Professional towing companies are familiar with the benefits of using such brake systems, due to which they focus on upgrading and maintaining the tow trucks in the winter months. This is ultimately useful in offering the best possible towing services.

Other Factors

Other than these top factors, there are a variety of other aspects that are considered by towing companies to provide safe and reliable towing services. Some of them are:

  • Tow truck drivers have an emergency kit with them to provide a quick solution in emergency situations.
  • All types of towing and roadside assistance services are offered through the same platform, such as Action Towing, to ensure you can rely on the experts and get the best help.
  • Complete maintenance of the truck to ensure maximum safety in winter towing procedures.
  • Complying with the speed limit and keeping up with weather updates can affect towing services.

Ultimately, by following these tips, a towing company is able to offer safe winter towing and roadside assistance services.

About Action Towing

Action Towing is a professional towing and roadside assistance company in Edmonton. We have a team of trained and experienced towing experts and tow truck drivers who have dealt with different types of vehicles in various situations.

Our comprehensive towing services make it easy for people to rely on us for all towing and roadside assistance-related services. Therefore, you can contact us at any time to get the best towing services in Edmonton.


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