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Important Things To Tell A Towing Company When Calling For Help

Important Things To Tell A Towing Company When Calling For Help

Car breakdowns and issues can happen at the most unprecedented times and at the most random of places. The obvious answer to such a situation arising is to call up your nearest towing service. But what exactly do you need to inform your towing service provider once you call them?

Having the essential information to deliver to the towing service will make a recovery swifter and smoother. In this blog, we will share some of the things you need to know to properly inform your towing service provider about your current vehicle breakdown situation.

The Build Of Your Vehicle

Your vehicle’s build includes what type of drive system it has, its make, and its model. Towing services will often be well experienced in towing a regular car; however, they’ll need to know beforehand what kind of car needs to be towed and whether they have the necessary equipment available at that given moment.

Additionally, the type of drive system, such as all-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, or rear-wheel drive, may also affect the type of equipment the company will have to arrange. All-wheel drive cars need towing on a flatbed truck, and if any tires drag, the drive train can be damaged.

A traditional hook and chain tow truck are used for front or rear-wheel drive systems, and a front-wheel or rear-wheel will change how the driver connects the hook to the tow truck.

Your Situation And Location

It is important to convey to the towing company you call what issue it is that you are exactly facing, whether it’s your engine overheating or your brakes failing. To help the towing company arrange the necessary tools to solve the issue, you must convey all these details to them during your call.

It is also possible that you may develop an incorrect understanding of your car’s problems; therefore, explaining your location is essential for the service to reach you and gain more insight.

For the towing service to bring the right equipment, they must know what kind of surface your car is standing on. The nuisance may not always happen on a road or a parking lot. It can occur in a ditch or down an embankment, in such a location, they’ll need tools such as a winch to get your vehicle out safely.

Your Destination And Time Parameters

To be informed of your financial costs and logistical suitability, the towing service needs to know the mechanic’s address where they’ll be taking your car to and discuss if such a distance can be covered within certain costs. So always be well informed of nearby mechanics on your daily routes.

Lastly, you’ll have to inform the service whether you will need an immediate tow. The keyword is “need,” there’s a difference between wanting a quick tow and your vehicle requiring it. If your car is undergoing rapid damage or has stopped at an unsafe region, or is even blocking traffic flow, you will need an immediate tow. If you miss out on informing the service of such a hazard, you may have to wait for your turn for a tow truck, which is something you neither need nor want.

An auto towing service provider, like Action Towing, is there to help you when your vehicle can’t function on its own. Painting a picture to our dispatcher with the above information can help guarantee that we address your issues and help you out as quickly as possible. For more information, visit our website, or contact us today for personalized service.


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