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How To Avoid Getting Your Vehicle Stuck In Dirt, Mud and Snow

How To Avoid Getting Your Vehicle Stuck In Dirt, Mud and Snow

One of the worst scenarios drivers face is when they get stuck in dirt, mud or snow. If you love off-road adventures, you are likely to drive on roads covered in dirt, snow, or mud which increase the chances of you getting stuck. There are certain techniques you can use to ensure your vehicle doesn’t get stuck. Although road conditions vary from place to place, certain precautions can save you from having a bad day. Here are some tips to avoid getting stuck in the middle of nowhere:

Slightly deflate the tires

It is important to ensure that the tires have maximum contact with the surface; you can deflate tires a little when driving on muddy roads, deep sand, or snow. Slightly deflating the tires allow for better traction; however, you should go slow to avoid contact of tires with the ground over rough terrain. Once you are back on an ideal road surface, re-inflate your tires right away.

Inspect the road

If you don’t know about the road conditions ahead, it would be advisable to get out of your vehicle and carry out a physical inspection. It will help you get familiar with the unusual road conditions. You can plan better when you know the nature of the hazards you are going to face ahead.

Maintain momentum, drive slowly

While driving steadily is highly recommended in mud, snow, or sand, maintaining momentum is equally important. Engaging higher gears can make it easy to maintain a steady speed. When the wheels start to spin, throttle back a little in order to regain traction.

Avoid applying sudden brakes

When driving in sand, make sure you understand how to use brakes properly. Inappropriate use of brakes can create a deep rut which can lead to trouble. When you have to stop, slow down your vehicle and it will stop eventually. Moreover, make sure to drive straight down and straight up, and never drive at an angle when traveling across sand dunes. Inspecting the road would enable you to identify series of straight-line paths.

Avoid deep ruts

When driving in dirt or mud, watch out for deep ruts. The tires of a vehicle naturally follow the direction of ruts. Therefore, it is vital to keep in mind where the front wheels are pointing. If the front wheels enter a dry patch, try to regain traction. Keeping the wheels in the direction of the rut will make things easier when gaining traction.

If you get stuck and there is nothing you can do about the situation, call a towing service for immediate assistance. If you are in Edmonton, you can call Action Towing where we provide vehicle recovery and 24/7 emergency roadside services. Contact us for more information!


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