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Factors That Affect The Cost Of Towing Services

Factors That Affect The Cost Of Towing Services

Experiencing a car breakdown while on a road trip or in the middle of the road can be frustrating. Not knowing what to do next can be stressful. The wisest solution in this situation is to call a nearby towing or roadside assistance service to come to your location and help fix the issue with your vehicle. Roadside assistance companies provide services like towing, battery boosting, winching and more. These can help you get out of the situation you are stuck in.

While many professional towing companies will offer competitive prices, there are some factors that affect this service’s cost. Knowing such factors is important as they can determine the final cost you will have to pay for roadside assistance. This blog post highlights those factors so you can have an idea beforehand.

Your Location Of Incident

One of the many factors that determine the cost of a towing service is the location of your incident. The cost is directly related to the area where you are stranded, and the company will charge you differently depending whether you are in a residential area, highway, beach, or if the car is stuck in a ditch. The cost will depend on the time required to reach you and the scope of the work.

For example, if your car has gone off-road and is stuck in a ditch, it will require heavy machines and specialized skills to get it out. Therefore, a company will charge you more for its services. Similarly, the company would charge you more if you are stranded on a highway because they will have to cover more distance.

Time Of The Incident

Time also plays a major role in determining the cost of a towing service. Almost all towing companies charge more to provide their services at night than during the day. Therefore, your chosen towing company will also charge you more if you call them late at night. The price is also affected by public holidays as fewer options are available on those days, so companies charge more. However, you can talk to your towing service provider and negotiate to adjust the cost.

Distance Required To Reach You

The distance required to reach your location will also affect the towing cost. Some companies don’t charge for distances under a certain limit. But, they charge per mile after a certain limit. If the distance required to reach your location is longer than a short-haul journey, the company will charge you for that.

Therefore, you must ensure to get quality services if you are paying for everything. A professional towing company will reach you on time and offer unparalleled services any time of the day.

Size Of Your Vehicle

Another factor affecting the cost of your towing service is the size of your vehicle. Bigger and heavier vehicles such as 4×4, bus, or a coaster will require bigger towing trucks, and therefore, the cost will be higher. Make sure to provide accurate information of your vehicle type and size to your company so they can send off a suitable truck for your service. If you don’t know about your vehicle, send them a picture or read from the manual to let them know about its type.

Your Vehicle’s Condition

The condition of your vehicle also matters when determining the cost of a towing service. For example, if your car has gotten into an accident, special machinery would be required to handle it carefully. Or, if you have flat tires, you will need a flatbed towing truck, which costs more. Similarly, you will need special winching machines, automatic axles, and towing trucks to get the car out carefully if it is in a ditch or a trench.

Action Towing

For all these factors, having a reliable and professional towing company at your disposal is necessary to make the process convenient. Action Towing is a reputable and quick towing service in Edmonton, having highly skilled workers and top-quality equipment. Call us here if you require roadside assistance.


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