How Much Does It Cost To Tow A Car in Edmonton?

In Canada, millions of vehicles are towed every year. It is a widespread misconception that towing services cost a lot. Dealing with roadside emergencies is difficult especially for those who don’t have roadside assistance through their insurance.

Most people don’t understand what it takes to transport a vehicle from one place to another while ensuring its safety. How much your towing company charges you for a car tow depends on your situation, location, and the quality of tow service.

When a car needs to be towed

There are several situations where you might need a professional tow truck service to recover or tow your car. For example, if you’re in a road accident and your car is completely damaged, or if your car is broken down and there is no way you can drive it, you’re going to need a tow truck. There are many circumstances that lead a driver to call a tow truck for help. From a flat tire to a dead battery, there are a number of reasons why people get stranded on the road.

Average tow cost

Some tow companies charge anywhere from $3 to $7 per kilometer. However, it depends on your location and what kind of tow truck you need to tow your car. Towing heavy duty objects can be more expensive. When it comes to towing, the cost can add up fast.

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Services a tow truck company can offer

Towing isn’t the only service you can expect from a towing company, they also offer roadside assistance services such as boosting and lockout services. If you need gas delivery or tire repair services, you can also call a towing company.

How to avoid the unfair towing expense

There are companies that take advantage of situations by charging unreasonably high rates. Most companies don’t provide a pricing structure and charge for their services as they please. This is why it’s important to rely on companies with good repute and reviews.

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