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6 Things Tow Truck Drivers Wish Their Customers Knew

6 Things Tow Truck Drivers Wish Their Customers Knew

Tow truck drivers have to face a lot of problems each day. Every day, hundreds of accidents happen and cars break down. Tow truck drivers are quite busy helping people every day, and the responsibility increases when there are limited towing companies in a particular area.

With this, towing drivers worry about their duty when they have to do a lot in a limited time. Most customers are uncooperative and want immediate help. However, they are often unaware of the towing industries challenges, which tow truck drivers wish they knew.

Here are 6 things that tow truck drivers want their customers to know. Knowing of these things will help the towing company and you have a better and smoother towing experience next time.

Pull Your Car Aside

Your car can breakdown in the middle of the road. It is not safe to keep it there and not pull it off to the side. You would be putting not only yourself in danger but also any oncoming traffic.

One thing that tow truck drivers want from you is to get out of your car and pull it to the side, even if there is a narrow shoulder.

It would be hard for you to get out of your car in this dangerous situation. Now, imagine a tow truck driver who has to work constantly for a long time to fix your car. You would be putting their life in danger too by not pulling your car over to a safe place.

Be Responsive

If you have called and requested a tow, make sure that you are available for the calls. The tow truck driver may want to inform you about the delay or ask you about your location. Therefore, they want you to keep your phone with you and to have your silent mode turned off so that you can hear when they call you. Answer their queries and let them know about your location.

Be Descriptive

It’s a common mistake that many customers make. Customers are not descriptive enough about their current location or their vehicle. A tow truck driver will ask you a few questions such as problems with your car, your current location, and your vehicle’s information.

If you don’t know what is wrong with your car, tell them about any jitters, irregular patterns, or types of noises that are coming from your car. Help them note the exact road number or location. If you don’t know about the location, look for landmarks or describe what is around you.

Tell them your car’s model, name, number, and color to help them identify your vehicle properly. You can also use your GPS to share your exact location.

Get Out Of Your Car

Many people have the habit of remaining in their car while it is being towed. This is a dangerous thing and not appreciated in terms of safety. Towing experts can say no when a customer asks about this.

If there are people with you, you can ask the towing company to bring transportation for them.

Be Patient

Tow truck drivers are also workers and are trying to fulfill their duties every day. They are going to have their good days and bad days. They can miscommunicate, and sometimes have difficulty finding your location, or perhaps have a busy schedule for that day.

Be patient with your tow truck driver and wait for them to arrive at your location. They are human beings and wish to be treated normally.

Don’t Touch Anything

You or your children might be tempted to touch the knobs, levers, or hooks on the tow truck. However, you should not touch anything unless the driver tells you to do so. They are for special functions and might be dangerous for you.

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