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5 Safety Tips For Commercial Truck Drivers

5 Safety Tips For Commercial Truck Drivers

Commercial truck drivers have a dangerous and challenging job. They have to transport heavy and sometimes hazardous cargo over long distances through all types of weather. It can be tiring and difficult. But driver’s safety is a crucial topic in the truck driving industry, as one small mistake can lead to damaging consequences that can harm the driver and everyone driving near him.

Many accidents and injuries, however, can be avoided if drivers follow certain safety precautions. Most of these safety precautions are relatively simple, and if drivers practice them regularly, they can ensure their safety and the safety of other motorists who share the road. To help make the roads safer, Action Towing is happy to share some of these safety tips below.

Check The Weather Forecast

Driving through bad weather is not easy in any vehicle, but especially if you’re driving a truck, you need to be extra careful. Snow and ice on the road can easily detract your car, so before setting out on your journey, make sure you’re aware of the weather conditions and the conditions of the road on your route.

Become extra cautious and park your truck if the weather conditions abruptly change or worsen. Avoid driving in extreme weather conditions. Furthermore, drive below the speed limit, don’t try to overtake other vehicles, and give your truck room and time to make turns, especially when it’s raining or snowing.

Plan Your Route And Trip

Planning your route is the most important way to maximize your safety and project efficiency. There are all kinds of unexpected events that can occur on the road, but dealing with such incidents won’t be a problem if you have already pre-planned everything. Having a plan can better prepare you for the unpredictable.

Plan Carefully When Loading

Truck loading is a task that should only be done by professionals. Correctly loading a truck requires training, knowledge, and experience. One mistake in loading can disturb the weight distributed over the truck and can cause it to lose balance on the road.

When loading, make sure all heavy items are put on the bottom, and instead of stacking cargo to the top and making the truck top-heavy, distribute the load evenly. This will help improve the truck’s handling and maneuvering. Even distribution of the shipment will also improve the truck’s fuel efficiency.

Maintain Proper Distance With Other Vehicles

Maintaining proper stopping distance with other vehicles and leaving enough space between the front of your truck and the next vehicle are necessary safety precautions all truck drivers must take. Keeping this distance and your head forward helps reduce distractions, gives you additional time to push your brakes in case of an emergency, and can help avoid close interactions.

Furthermore, you should be aware of your truck’s height and weight and make sure that there is a safe space cushion around all the vehicle’s sides to prevent accidents.

Slow Down For Turns And Curves

Almost 9 percent of all truck accidents occur around curvy roads. Often, drivers fail to slow down for curves or sharp bends in the road, which causes the vehicle to lose its momentum and end up in a rollover position. Rollover trucking accidents are among the most deadly and dangerous accidents for a driver. The driver becomes catastrophically injured or killed after being crushed under the heavyweight of the vehicle.

Accidents that occur around sharp turns and curves seriously injure the drivers and cause traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, or severe neck injury or fractures.

About Action Towing

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