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How Can Winter Be More Challenging For Towing?

How Can Winter Be More Challenging For Towing?

Towing services are there to help you when you are stranded in the middle of the road with no help nearby. Upon one call, a professional towing company will be available to help you with all the roadside assistance you might need.

They are experts and professionals in their work and offer you the most reliable services. They know which towing risks to avoid and how to successfully transfer your car to a safe location.

However, winter can be quite dangerous for everyone on the road. Statistics show that every year, over 1,000 people are killed in vehicle crashes on slushy, icy, or snowy roads. This snowy weather causes cars to slip on the road, which poses a serious threat to other drivers and passersby.

Similarly, winter can be quite challenging for a towing company as well. They have to take special tools and equipment with them to avoid any unforeseen situation and keep everything under control. A professional towing company with experience of working in such conditions will be packed with all the essentials to combat this weather.

So, what are some of the serious challenges of the winter season, and how can a towing company overcome them? This blog post lists the main challenges of towing in winter.

Black Ice

Many people might not be familiar with the term black ice, but it is commonly seen on the roads in winter. Black ice is a thin, slippery layer of ice that forms on the road that is nearly invisible. That is why it is given the name of black ice.

Black ice is quite slippery and even more slippery when it is near to melting. This causes tires to slip, and if the tires are not in good condition, it can lead to accidents. You can prevent this by slowing down when passing over black ice.


Snow is another common issue seen on the roads in winter. The amount of snow varies from thin layers to several inches or feet in some cases. In any case, during the snowy season, snow can stick to your vehicle’s tires preventing movement. Therefore, it can become quite hard for you to reach your destination with a towed vehicle.

Hence, you must come prepared with all the essentials to combat snow. Snow shovels, warm blankets, ice scrapers, snow tires, and snow chains are some of the most important items you must have if you want to safely get through the snowy part of the road. Also, make sure that your vehicle’s headlights are fine as it will help aid your visibility.

Wintery Mix

The wintery mix combines snow and rainfall. As the water falls from the sky it turns into ice and snow. This weather pattern can be quite challenging for drivers as it makes the road slippery and reduces visibility.

Therefore, only a professional driver will know how to drive in such weather conditions. Special care is required when accelerating, taking turns, stopping, or getting out of the vehicle. Therefore, if you hire a towing company in such conditions, make sure it is well-experienced.

Essential Items To Keep In Your Vehicle During The Winter

Winter in Canada can be unpredictable, as it can start to snow at any time. Therefore, it is better to keep yourself prepared and avoid any problems on the road. Some of the essential items you must always keep in your vehicle are:

  • Ice scraper to remove the snow from your car.
  • Recovery tow strap in case of an emergency.
  • Flashlight to deal with the dark winter weather.
  • Jumper cables for your vehicle’s dead battery.
  • Charging devices to keep your phone charged.
  • Tires’ chains for snowy roads.

How Can We Help?

Action Towing is proud to serve Edmonton and surrounding areas with top-notch towing and roadside assistance services. We have years of experience dealing with bad weather conditions and delivering efficient and affordable services. To learn more about the services we have to offer click here or visit our website for more details. If you require roadside assistance of any kind, feel free to contact us.


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