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Towing Risks You Must Avoid

Towing Risks You Must Avoid

After finding yourself stranded on the side of the road when you have just met an accident, you might need to hire a towing company. However, it is necessary to consider some factors before hiring a towing company. An experienced company ensures safe towing procedures and tows your vehicle safely to its desired location.

The towing process is not void of risks, and there are numerous points to consider for a safe tow. Any negligence can cause further damage to the vehicle being towed and might also cause accidents.

Therefore, it becomes necessary to know the towing risks involved in the process and understand what you can do about them.

This blog post highlights the top towing risks you must avoid so you can successfully transfer your vehicle any place you want.

An Inattentive Tow Driver

Towing is a tough job. Tow truck drivers have to respond to accidents at all hours. This can make them tired and incapable of towing at times. Having a tired driver on board to tow your vehicle is one of the many risks of towing.

They not only put your vehicle in danger but also the lives of the other people on the road. Fatigued drivers may drift off behind the wheel. All these factors can put everyone at risk. Therefore, it is necessary to hire a towing company with trained professionals and drivers. They must remain attentive enough to follow the rules on the road.

Not Inspecting The Truck Before Towing

Truck inspection is more necessary than you might anticipate. If there is a fault in the tow truck, it can’t take your vehicle to its desired location. Rather, it might break down along the way, wasting your time and money.

Before handing your vehicle over to a towing company, inspect it and make sure it is ready to tow your car. Check if the tow bar is connected properly and is parallel to the ground. Also, check its braking system and other necessary tools for a safe towing experience.

Untrained Drivers

An improperly trained driver who doesn’t know how to tow or use the towing equipment can make your experience quite dreadful. Unfortunately, many towing companies offer cursory training to their drivers. Only a few towing companies, such as Action Towing, ensure that their drivers are fully trained and ready for towing duty.

Poorly trained drivers will put your vehicle in danger. Therefore, check the reviews of a company and its drivers before hiring one.

Not Planning The Route

Not planning the route ahead of time will also cause nothing but inconvenience. That is why planning your route upfront and deciding on an alternate route is necessary if something happens with the original one. Consider the height of the tow truck and road conditions on that route before you go. Planning the route will avoid confusion during the process.

Having Excessive Towing Weights

Tow trucks have different weight capacities. Large vehicles are more difficult to tow than smaller ones. They also put more pressure on the tow truck’s engine and reduce the visibility for the driver. This makes driving and maneuvering difficult for them.

Tow truck drivers must know the weight capacity of their tow truck, so they don’t exceed that limit. Many towing companies just want to make some money and don’t consider such weight limits. They may try to tow a vehicle despite knowing that their tow truck can’t handle such a vehicle.

Therefore, you must ask them before or do your own research about this. If your vehicle is heavy, make sure to hire a company with high-capacity tow trucks.

About Action Towing

Action Towing never puts your vehicles in danger and always ensures to deliver quality and satisfactory towing services. Our tow experts use fully certified equipment and accessories to ensure your safety and peace of mind. At Action Towing, we do our best to provide our clients with competitive market rates across the board. You can check our towing and more services here. If you have further questions, feel free to contact us here.


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