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When Is A Flatbed Towing Service Necessary?


Vehicles can be carried on flat surfaces by flatbed tow trucks. This enables the towing company to use chains or straps to secure the car. This method is a terrific way to manage sensitive equipment like cars and other types of machinery. Depending on the kinds of vehicles they are used to tow, several reputable towing companies will have flatbeds available when selecting a commercial or residential towing service; the advantages of having a flatbed extend beyond the towing procedure.

A Flatbed Towing Service: What Is It?

One of the most common methods for towing any car is using a flatbed. Towing businesses can pull a range of different size vehicles safely and efficiently thanks to flatbed towing. Towing your vehicle on a flatbed is an excellent option if you have heavy machinery, delicate equipment, or expensive cars.

When you look at most towing companies, it’s clear that flatbed tow trucks make up a sizable portion of their fleet. A flatbed tow truck is one of the most critical and often utilized vehicles in any towing fleet due to its adaptability for tow operators.

Situations Where Flatbed Towing Is Required

A few situations necessitate the use of flatbed tow vehicles, even though flatbed towing is virtually always the preferred alternative. These consist of the following:

When a 4-wheel-drive vehicle needs to be towed: A front-wheel-drive vehicle is typically simple to pull using a dolly. This is so because the driveshaft on such cars only connect to the front wheels. As a result, the back wheels may readily spin when the front wheels are raised using a dolly, which helps the automobile move.

However, the connection between the wheels and the drive shaft of an all-wheel-drive vehicle could be harmed by doing the same. Therefore, flatbed towing will work better for such automobiles.

When a vehicle is too expensive: It is dangerous to pull with a dolly. The possibility that the car will detach from the doll and tumble off is always possible. Therefore, it is preferable to utilize a flatbed towing service to transport an expensive or precious automobile.

Flatbeds are frequently used by owners of vintage or classic cars to move their vehicles as they offer them protection. Some auto enthusiasts prefer to carry their vehicle with a flatbed tow truck when they bring it to auto events or exhibits. Most automobile owners believe that the extra cost of getting a flatbed is worthwhile, given the peace of mind it provides.

When a vehicle needs to travel a long distance, it is essential to note that the dolly exerts pulling strain on the back wheels, increasing wear and tear even in the case of front-wheel-drive cars. The wheels may deteriorate significantly if the latter is done over a long distance.

For extended trips, one should use a flatbed towing service.

What Advantages Does Flatbed Towing Offer?

Reduces the vehicle’s mileage – The last thing a car dealership owner wants to do is put more miles on a car. A vehicle can be safely transported via flatbed towing without racking extra miles.

Less Risk of Vehicle Damage – Flatbed towing is an excellent approach to preventing vehicle damage and unnecessary wear and tear. While tow and hook hauling is sometimes required, an expert driver using a flatbed tow truck can do the task with less risk of damage. Additionally, even if your car has been damaged in an accident, hiring a flatbed tow truck can lessen the risk of injury, which is always beneficial.

Convenient and Time Effective – Some kinds of towing require transferring vehicles, dropping drive shafts, and connecting chains, all of which take time. However, using a flatbed tow truck is far faster and more practical. It also means you can get your car off the road, into the garage, or back to your house much faster. The entire process, from loading to unloading, is much quicker and simpler.

No Modifications Required – When a car is being towed behind a tow truck, it constantly bounces up and down. Towed vehicles frequently need to be examined and adjusted due to this bouncing, potholes, and other bumps and dips, especially on lengthy excursions. Furthermore, a tire or wheel may get hurt on the way due to a big pothole.

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