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What To Do When A Towing Company Damages Your Vehicle

What To Do When A Towing Company Damages Your Vehicle

Towing a vehicle requires professionalism and driving experience. It demands patience as you are responsible for people’s lives and the vehicle of your customer. Therefore, a responsible towing company like Action Towing that can securely tow your vehicle to its intended destination is necessary. However, negligence from irresponsible towing companies can happen that can damage your vehicle. Such damages can be too costly for you and end up in long conflicts with the towing company.

Most of the time, the driver is responsible for the damage he does to your car while towing. But, there are some instances that you should know about. This blog post guides you on what you need to do if a towing company damages your vehicle during the towing process.

Types Of Damages That Can Occur

Damage to the car bumper is the most common issue faced by towing customers. This is due to the improper position of the car at the back plus the negligence of the driver. The driver doesn’t know how to apply brakes while towing a vehicle. The sudden pushing of brakes can cause the rear vehicle to collide with the towing trailer. Car bumper damages can be costly, and it sometimes needs you to replace the bumper as a whole. Other damages might include damage to the tires such as slashing or windscreen damage, like cracks, scratches, and more.

Are Towing Companies Liable For The Damage While Towing?

A towing company should be responsible enough to take care of their customer’s vehicle. After all, their primary job is to take their customer’s vehicle to a safer location or a nearby workshop. Therefore, in most cases, if the towing driver’s negligence causes an accident, the towing company is liable for any damage to the vehicle while towing.

Some of the scenarios in which the damage can occur unintentionally by the driver are:

  • The towed vehicle collides with another car while changing lanes.
  • The towed vehicle gets unhooked from the towing trailer and hits incoming traffic.
  • The towing driver over speeds and hits a pedestrian.

All these scenarios are the results of unprofessional hooking or towing of the vehicle. If the towing company performs its jobs responsibly, there would be fewer scenarios like this. The driver is responsible for such damages, and the towing company is liable. However, you should read the terms and conditions of your chosen company as not every company will pay for the damages.

What Can You Do About It?

The steps you can take if a towing company damages your car depends on your location or state. To be on the safe side, you must take a photo of your vehicle before it is towed. Don’t sign any paperwork without reading it thoroughly. Check with your insurance provider whether they will give compensation if something happens to your vehicle while towing.

You have the option of commencing legal action against the towing company if they refuse to pay for the damage they did to your vehicle. You might need to hire an attorney if the damage to your vehicle is extreme or if your vehicle is a rare one. There are different types of damages in a breach of contract, such as compensatory damage, expectation, consequential, and nominal damages. So, your attorney can help you and get your rights as a customer.

About Action Towing

At Action Towing, you will find responsible and professional towing services at affordable rates. We offer high-quality towing vehicles and trained drivers who know how to use towing equipment. From emergency towing, roadside assistance, and more, Action Towing provides numerous services to ensure that you are safe on the road.


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