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What Is Recovery Towing?

What Is Recovery Towing?

Most people in Canada have seen a regular tow occur on the road, but not many have witnessed incidents that require special recovery towing services.

Sometimes vehicles end up in an off-the-road situation and require specialized tools and training to get recovered. This usually happens with large cars, especially buses and trucks. Whereas, on other occasions, fanatic off-road vehicle drivers find themselves stuck and isolated and have no way of releasing themselves from the situation without a towing company’s help. Vehicle recovery, or recovery towing, utilizes special equipment to move these vehicles back to safety.

Below we discuss the types of vehicle recovery towing, when you’ll need it, and who to call for recovery services.

When You Need It

There are some cases where traditional or standard towing is not the best option or is not sufficient. For example, if your car ends up off-road where it can only be recovered using specialized equipment, you need recovery towing services. Generally, large vehicles like heavy-duty buses or trucks will need recovery towing services because they often slide off the road or get inverted due to their high momentum.

Furthermore, standard passenger cars can also require vehicle recovery towing services. When driving on an unpaved road, mountain pathways, or ravines, vehicles can easily become stuck in a ditch or somewhere off-road. In these circumstances, since the car is far away from the road and can not opt for standard towing services, the driver instead has to call for off-the-road recovery services to recover the vehicle from the emergency situation and get it back on the road.

Light Vehicle Recovery

From the two scenarios mentioned above, the later one is called light recovery towing. Standard vehicles require this type of towing to remove them from the accident location. Rescuing a car that slid into a ravine or mountain pathway requires unique tools and knowledge of the best procedures. Recovery towing professionals will also handle the dangerous materials that may be present in the accident scene. Some conditions that need light vehicle recovery include:

  • Car breakdown due to engine failure or dead batteries
  • A flat tire or a tire blowout
  • Terrain blocks or dangerous roads that caused the car to spin or slide off the road.
  • Off the road accidents

Heavy-Duty Recovery

The primary difference between light-duty recovery and heavy-duty recovery is the vehicle’s weight that has to be recovered.

Heavy-duty recovery is for more oversized vehicles that sometimes gain so much momentum while driving that they slide entirely off the road or rollover. Due to their heavy mass, it becomes impossible to haul them from the accident location, and therefore, are moved back to safety by utilizing higher towing capabilities. A typical tow truck cannot recover heavier vehicles like trailers, heavily-loaded buses, RVs, or tractors. It takes special tools, experience, and training to recover heavy-duty vehicles, especially if they are overturned or far off the road.

Heavy-Duty recovery is challenging because it concerns many aspects of the situation, like ensuring everyone is safe and the vehicle is recovered. The best towing companies, like Action towing, have the expertise and the right equipment to handle heavy-duty recovery.

Action Towing’s heavy duty recovery services include:

  • Machinery recovery
  • Semi-trucks recovery
  • Tractor -Trailer Recovery
  • Medium-Duty Truck Recovery

About Action Towing

To guarantee your vehicle is recovered correctly, you want to select the best towing company in your town. You must find a company with a specific recovery background and one that can manage recovery for vehicles of any size. Action Towing is the top option for recovery services across Edmonton.

Our reliable and robust tow trucks in Edmonton can carry heavy loads safely. We can carefully tow or recover a semi tractor-trailer or heavy machinery just as easy as a regular sports car. Visit our website to read more on our professional towing services or contact us for customized service.


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