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Simple Tools To Get Your Vehicle Unstuck From Mud, Snow And Sand

Simple Tools To Get Your Vehicle Unstuck From Mud, Snow And Sand

A vehicle shows its real strength and age in harsh driving conditions. However, it gets difficult even for a well-maintained vehicle to deal with mud and snow. If you often deal with sand, snow or mud, don’t forget to have some useful tools in the trunk.

It’s hard to predict when or how your vehicle will get stuck. Always be prepared for a tough situation. Let’s take a look at some simple tools that can provide great value in difficult situations:


A shovel can be of great help when it comes to getting your vehicle unstuck. You can use any tool that can dig deep and scoop. It might be difficult to clear the mud or snow with your hands, but a shovel can get the job done efficiently and quickly. A shovel can save you time and stress in situations where all four tires are stuck. You can take your spare garden shovel and customize it by cutting its handle down so it can adjust in your car easily.

Hi-lift jack

You’re probably aware of this tool if you love to drive off-road. The factory tire jacks are not helpful if your off-road vehicle sits higher off the ground due to its large tires. This is where a hi-lift jack can be of help. You can simply use this tool to lift the stuck tire so you put something underneath the tire to get some traction.

Tow strap

It becomes easy for other drivers to help you out when you have the basic tools in your off-road gear. For example, a tow strap can be utilized to attach to another vehicle and get your vehicle unstuck. From a safety perspective, it’s a good idea not to use tow straps with hooks. Also, don’t attach tow straps to the bumpers or body of your vehicle; try to connect between frames to avoid causing damage to your vehicle.

A piece of carpet, wood, or cardboard

A small tool or object can provide great benefits in special circumstances when used intelligently. For instance, you can use a piece of carpet, wood or any other object that can be placed in front of tires. The purpose here is to get some traction to prevent the wheels from spinning. Once you remove the mud or snow away from front tires, put any of these objects in front of the tires and accelerate slowly so the tires can grip.

If you’re unable to get your vehicle unstuck after trying all the tools and techniques listed above, it’s time to call a vehicle recovery service. In Edmonton, Action Towing is a reliable vehicle recovery service that can help you 24/7 with a number of towing, car recovery, and roadside assistance services. Feel free to call us anytime!


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