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Unsafe Places To Wait For A Local Tow Truck Or Roadside Assistance


Car problems occur when we least expect them, leaving us stuck on the side of the highway or road. When your car breaks down while you are driving, there are a few things that can be terrifying and dangerous.

Hence, it’s always helpful to keep the contact number of a reliable roadside assistance service on your phone. However, it might be risky to wait for a tow truck driver in some places.

This blog post will discuss certain places you should avoid when awaiting a local tow truck or roadside assistance.

On The Road

If you notice something wrong with the car, it is recommended to leave it right away. Since stopping at the intersection of two highways can be quite dangerous, it is necessary to remain clear of oncoming vehicles.

Drivers can disregard your warnings and hit you, even if you have your hazards on and have indicated that you’ve broken down and need assistance. This is why, wherever possible, you should shift to the right side of the road, the emergency lane, or totally off the road.

Certain roads can be challenging, and if your car breaks down in the middle of the road, you might not have enough time. However, make every effort to pull off the road and wait for assistance.

Outside The Car On The Highway

A crowded highway is one of the worst places for your car to break down. Try to exit the fast lane and pull over as soon as you can. Call a reputable service provider for 24 hour roadside assistance service. Stay inside your vehicle until assistance comes while keeping a safe distance from oncoming traffic.

It’s far worse if you choose to wait outside the car out of impatience. It is not worth the danger of being hit by a fast car or a distracted driver. The best thing to do is to remain in your car with your seat belt fastened until help arrives.

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Right Next To Your Car

While it may be tempting to step outside your vehicle and shout for help, this can be quite dangerous. When waiting for help, never stand right next to, in front of, or behind the vehicle!

This is due to the possibility that other drivers may not see you and hit you or your car. This can be fatal if you are hit by another vehicle, so either stay in your vehicle or get out and go far away from the road while you wait for help.

Out Of Sight

In most circumstances, staying in the car is far safer than leaving the scene while waiting for a tow service. Even if the towing company arrives before other authorities, stay at the site until you have exchanged all essential phone numbers and insurance details.

However, if you have to leave the scene and your car for whatever reason, such as in the event of a fire, you should do so carefully and after warning other drivers. Keep it in mind to be in sight as you wait for assistance from a professional.

Tips For Staying Safe While Waiting For A Tow Truck

Alright now that we have discussed the unsafe places that you should avoid while waiting for roadside assistance. Here are some essential tips for staying safe while waiting for a tow truck.

  • Get off the road and park the car
  • Make sure both you and your vehicle are visible
  • Stay away from unsolicited rides or tows
  • Save your phone’s battery!
  • Never leave valuables in your vehicle
  • Turn on your emergency lights
  • Contact a reliable towing service

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