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Protect Yourself From Unreliable Towing Services In Edmonton


Towing has been a part of our lives in one way or another ever since the introduction of automobiles. Before the widespread adoption of tow trucks and sophisticated towing equipment, people even went to the extent of utilizing the strength of heavy animals like bulls. As time went by, people started using other vehicles to pull ones that had broken down.

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In light of the increase in demand for vehicles and the ultimate surge in cases of unexpected breakdowns, it didn’t take much longer for these petty towing endeavours to morph into a flourishing industry. Today, a deluge of towing service providers pops up when you simply enter the word ‘towing’ into any search engine. However, with this incredible convenience comes a substantial yet underrated cost – the cost of falling into the hands of unreliable towing companies.

While every towing company and its website may appear relatively similar, only a reliable towing and roadside assistance service provider can safely tow your vehicle to your desired location. Over the years, numerous instances of serious discrepancies and disputes between towing companies and their clients have surfaced. The most common reason behind most heated conflicts was damage caused to a vehicle during the towing process.

Once the damage is incurred, the towing company refuses to account for the financial losses and argues that the damage existed before they towed the car. Evidently, these kinds of confrontations are quite unpleasant and leave a sour taste in both parties’ mouths.

This blog will help equip you with some incredible tips to avoid contentions and protect yourself from financial loss resulting from towing damages.

Rely Only On A Reputed Emergency Towing Services Provider

Practically speaking, towing or roadside assistance is not something anyone accounts for in their monthly household budgets. Unlike medical, car maintenance, or grocery expenses, you only acknowledge the need for towing or vehicle recovery services when your beloved car leaves you helpless on the road.

Unfortunately, on-the-spot towing decisions often go wrong as people don’t really have the time to scrutinize a prospective towing service provider’s reliability and service quality. Hence, we recommend that you do your homework well in advance of any such occurrence. Simply devote ten valuable minutes of your leisure time and browse the web for reputed towing companies with excellent reviews near you. Once you are satisfied with a specific company’s image, save their contact number on your phone.

Ensure The Chosen Towing Company Has The Suitable Towing Equipment

However, an excellent reputation is worthless if the company in question does not have what you require. Thus, you must also ensure that your prospective towing service provider has the compatible equipment required to securely tow your car. For example, the tow truck and technique required for a rear-wheel drive vehicle will differ from those needed to tow a front-wheel drive car.

Simply discuss the matter with the prospective company before requesting them to come over and tow your car.

Discuss Damage Accountability Before Signing A Contract

Purchasing a vehicle is a significant investment and replacing or repairing its parts is equally costly. Thus, there is no shame in discussing the possibility of damages caused during the towing process before handing over your car to a towing company. Some companies may waive the question and tell you how diligent they are in their work, but you must insist on a clear answer as to who will pay for the possible damages.

If the tow truck company representative beats about the bush, simply tell them you do not want to proceed with the towing task.

Never Sign A Blank Contract

If a company accepts the responsibility for possible damages, politely request them to add their pledge to the contract. Speaking of contracts, never sign a blank paper in the name of saving time. Signing a blank contract is as good as presenting someone with a blank cheque. They will exploit the privilege and enter as many unfair terms as they wish. Therefore, always request a properly formulated contract and read through it before signing it.

Gather Evidence Of Your Car’s Existing Condition

Before the company commences the towing procedure, take pictures of your car’s existing conditions in the presence of the company’s representative. Identify the existing damage for comparison later.

Compare The Evidence With Your Vehicle’s Post-Towing Condition

Once your vehicle has been towed to your desired destination, it is time to carry out the final inspection to identify additional damages. Compare your vehicle’s pot-towing condition with the evidence gathered earlier in the presence of the same company representative. If any additional damage has ensued, settle the matter with the representative before they leave.

About Action Towing

Flaunting a solid commitment to service quality and a passion for consistently finding innovative towing solutions, Action Towing is a well-reputed and long-standing towing company proudly serving Edmonton and the surrounding areas. Contact us now for more information.


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