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Top 3 Types Of Tow Trucks


Tow trucks are available in many different types and styles and each is designed for a certain type of application. While some are designed for transporting a damaged car to an auto repair shop, others are designed for long-distance towing. Companies that offer citywide towing services rely on these services to deal with various situations.

Therefore, it is important to analyze the different types of tow trucks to get familiar with their working procedures.

1. Flatbed Tow Trucks

A flatbed tow truck, also known as a rollback tow truck, has a flat-topped empty bed on its rear to carry vehicles on top of it. These trucks also use hydraulics to mount a vehicle on their bed safely.

When the operator is ready to pick up the vehicle, he or she will put the flatbed on the ground and get the vehicle on top of it. If the vehicle is completely inoperable, chains will be used to haul the vehicle onto the bed. Once the vehicle is on the bed, the flatbed tow truck’s efficient hydraulic system is used to lift the bed and put the vehicle in a secure position.

Generally, using flatbed tow trucks is considered to be the most popular form of towing because it is a safe and efficient way of transporting vehicles. It does not put any excessive pressure on the vehicle being transported. Therefore, the vehicles are protected from any potential damage during the transportation process.

2. Hook And Chain Trucks

Hook and chain trucks are a traditional form of towing. Nowadays, it is typically used to tow junked vehicles as there is a lot of risk of damage involved in this towing process. As the name suggests, a hook and chain truck has a heavy-duty hook and chain attached to it. Operators attach the hook to the vehicle and pull it behind the truck during transportation.

Once the hook and chain are attached to a vehicle, the car is lifted from the front. As a result, the car is suspended in the air, while the other side’s wheels are on the ground. Since the vehicle is dragged by a hook and chain, this method can harm the car in the form of scratches and damage to the bumper.

It is also important to note that hook and chain tow trucks are not compatible with large vehicles such as four-wheel cars. When you contact a professional towing company, experts will thoroughly analyze your situation to use the best kind of tow truck. Typically, hook and chain tow trucks are used for wrecked vehicles and other cargo.

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3. Wheel Lift Tow Trucks

A wheel lift tow truck is an updated version of the hook and chain truck. It is capable of lifting a vehicle’s front or rear end and still leaving the other side’s wheels on the ground. The car is then dragged behind the tow truck to its destination. Generally, wheel lift tow trucks are used to transport disabled vehicles to repair shops.

A wheel lift tow truck is different from a hook and chain tow truck as it does not rely on chains. Instead, this type of tow truck uses a metal yoke to fully secure the car. It is the responsibility of the operator to put the metal yoke below a vehicle’s front or back wheels.

A hydraulic lift is used to partially lift the vehicle into the air behind the tow truck. Once the vehicle is put in the right position with maximum security, the operator will drive the tow truck and the attached vehicle to its destination.

A significant benefit of using wheel lift tow trucks is that they use metal yokes that don’t put too much strain on the vehicles. Therefore, there is no minimum damage involved in towing a car with the help of a wheel lift tow truck. It is also the most reliable method to tow lighter vehicles and deal with cars stuck in confined spaces.

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