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How To Choose Reliable 24-Hour Towing Services


You have to consider many different factors when it comes to choosing a reliable 24-hour towing service. The number of towing services has greatly increased, but only a few of them offer 24/7 services to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. We also offer a reliable 24-hour towing service in Edmonton to help you out whenever you need help towing a car.

By the end of this blog post, you will be in a very good position to understand the features and benefits of a good towing company.


Most 24-hour towing services have a fixed rate of up to seven to ten miles. However, this rate can vary based on the time at which you require the towing service such as very late at night or on the weekend. Similarly, in challenging situations such as when your vehicle is stuck in the mud, you might have to pay extra.

Therefore, the towing company of your choice must offer reliable and affordable services. We offer cost-effective solutions to facilitate the maximum number of people getting trustworthy towing services in Edmonton.

Types Of Services

When you are in search of an effective 24-hour towing service, you should focus on finding a company that operates within your area at all times and can respond to your requests quickly.

Moreover, a reliable towing company provides a wide range of services in all types of weather conditions. Such services ensure that professional towers can reach you in all conditions and have the experience to help you out easily.

The following are the main two types of towing services:

  • Limited Towing: It involves using specialized machines to tow a vehicle.
  • Full Towing: It involves using a flatbed tow truck and special equipment to clear vehicles.

Generally, specialized machines are not required in short-distance towing, but long-distance towing typically involves using a car carrier or flatbed tow truck to get the desired results.


Reliability is an important part of any good towing service. If your vehicle breaks down on a weekend or during the night, you will be needing a 24/7 towing service to help you out. Hence, when you are searching and comparing different towing companies, you should consider their reliability by ensuring they offer 24/7 services. Otherwise, it can have an adverse impact if you are not able to get quick access to towing services.

Rules And Restrictions

Every company has certain rules and restrictions according to which it operates. When you are hiring a 24-hour towing company, you should be familiar with its restrictions. For instance, if you contact a region-specific company, you cannot expect it to provide out-of-province services for you. This is the reason why you must choose a local towing company to get access to quick and reliable services in Edmonton.

Well-established towing companies offer roadside assistance to make sure whenever you contact them, your vehicle is safely and quickly towed away. You can ask your company representative whether it provides these services. Remember to get familiar with the full scope of services and restrictions of a towing company before hiring it.

Additional Services

The purpose of relying on professional 24-hour towing services is to get help in recovering your vehicle from many different situations. Whether you need flatbed towing or heavy-duty towing, you should always rely on the experts and professional towers who can handle your situation 24/7.

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Such services are also useful when you are dealing with an accident or a simple flat tire. Whatever the situation might be, the towing company should be able to handle it. Hence, you should select a towing company that is willing to take up such additional tasks. A towing company that offers all-in-one car assistance services will be able to help you in all types of situations.

About Us

Action Towing has been operating in the towing industry for many years now. We have established ourselves as one of the best Edmonton towing services through our professional and well-experienced towers who use state-of-the-art equipment to provide towing services even in the most challenging situations. If you require affordable and reliable 24-hour towing services in Edmonton, you can reach out to us anytime.


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