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Top 5 Towing Mistakes That Can Lead To A Failed Towing Operation


Most people think of towing as a simple process to hook a trailer to another vehicle and transport it. On the contrary, towing heavy objects from one place to another is a technical task that demands experience and professional attention. It all comes down to safety and success. We see hundreds of incidents every year where trailers, boats, or other heavy objects get unattached and cause irreparable damage.

The reports published by highway authorities in the US and Canada reveal that several people die due to towing-related accidents every year. If you are planning to tow something, make sure you don’t make the following 5 mistakes:

1. Using inappropriate equipment

You are likely to face trouble on the road if your equipment does not support or match the undergoing towing operation. Owner’s manual will clear how much weight your vehicle can tow safely. Do not exceed that limit ever or be prepared for the unpleasant incidents. Towing loads more than what is recommended will lead to accidents. A tow operator usually understands the usability and limitations of equipment.

2. Ignoring local regulations

Towing law and codes vary from city to city. Failing to comply with the local towing codes can get you in trouble. Local regulations and standards are set in accordance with the geography and traffic patterns of a state. For example, in some regions, it is mandatory to have safety chains that connect trailer with the tow truck and taillights on a trailer which facilitate other vehicles on the road. It can be a dangerous act to ignore the local laws.

3. Driving when visibility is low

Rightly said, it is better to be late than never. It is extremely dangerous to drive fast when the size, width, and length of your trailer minimize the visibility. Basic maneuvers such as braking, changing lanes, and making turns demands visibility. It is advisable to have a partner that may guide you and make driving easy and safe.

4. Vehicles not designed to tow a load

Not every vehicle is designed to tow heavy loads. If your vehicle is not rated or fit for towing heavy objects behind it, you had better consider other options. Even the vehicles manufactured specifically for towing purposes have limits and exceeding those limits can be costly, if not deadly.

5. Underinflated tires

Trailers with underinflated tires ask for troubles. If you have not used your trailer for some time, inspect the tire pressure and brakes. Extra friction produced by underinflated tires can lead to rollovers or blow outs. So make sure that tire pressure in your tow vehicle and trailer is appropriate.

With the right equipment and approach, you can perform complicated towing tasks with great ease and confidence. Consult a professional towing company if you do not have the required equipment and skills. Action Towing is a team of well-prepared tow experts that delivers safe and affordable roadside assistance in Edmonton.


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