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Important Tips For Towing High-End Vehicles


If you’ve ever had to have your automobile hauled for repairs, you know that it’s not an easy task. Exotic cars are too valuable to risk any damage or scrapes. That is why finding a trustworthy towing company for an exotic vehicle can be challenging.

To transfer these stunning vehicles safely and without the risk of further tearing them up, you need specialized equipment, such as tow trucks with heavy-duty straps. When compared to standard towing, luxury automobile towing is an entirely different game that calls for expertise, tools, and patience.

Here are our top suggestions for having your expensive automobile moved safely and securely.

Find Towing Companies That Can Transport Exotic Vehicles

Supercars, vintage vehicles, and classic cars are all in the same boat. Some individuals consider them to be their most valuable belongings. But occasionally, something goes wrong, and you need to have it hauled to the repair shop or back to your house after an event.

This is where expert towing comes in, as they specialize in these types of vehicles and are intimately familiar with them, allowing them to handle even their most delicate components easily.

Do A Quick Background Check

A basic Google search, such as an auto towing service near me, will reveal some information on some inexpensive towing service providers you’re considering, even if you don’t know them.

The testimonials posted on their website by customers who have previously worked with this specific towing company and provided feedback on their interactions could also be helpful. Make sure that these people have a positive experience or no problems when dealing with your possible towing service provider.

It is important since it might be detrimental if there is a problem later on after you sign a contract with them for towing services.

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Check To See If They Are Capable Of Carrying Out The Task

Make sure a professional tow truck provider who is skilled in their trade does the job if you wish to tow an automobile like this. You can’t just take any ordinary truck and expect to be able to put your luxury car onto its flatbed securely without denting or damaging it.

Before choosing a towing company, find out if their fleet consists only of low-profile car-specific trucks. These trucks will reduce inclination angles while winching on board to ensure that no damage occurs during transportation from one place to another.

​Ask The Price Beforehand

Make sure you comprehend the charges associated with a towing service for an exotic automobile before choosing towing providers. Due to the unique restrictions, you must think about more than just getting your usual driver back on the road; you must also think about how much they will charge!

Given that they don’t often provide this service, some towing firms tend to overpay for it. However, since towing service staff take all of these aspects into account, there won’t be any unpleasant surprises when it comes to the final bill.

Ask About Insurance

Accidents do happen, and consequently, there’s a chance that the tow truck could damage your valuable luxury car. Will the towing company be responsible for this situation, and if so, how much? What conditions are included in this liability assumption?

Make sure the company has adequate insurance coverage to ensure your safety in the event of such an incident. Before accepting the towing agreement, be sure the language in the documentation is explicit on this issue.

Choosing the right towing service provider is crucial, whether you need to carry your high-end car from the mechanic or it has broken down in the middle of the road. To maintain the safety and security of your vehicle while towing, keep these and other factors in mind.

About Action Towing

Action Towing is a licenced towing company based in Edmonton. We have been providing excellent and reliable services to our clients. You can rely on us whether you need expert towing services or emergency roadside assistance because we will do everything in our power to comprehend your urgent situation and offer you the most suitable course of action.

Worried about the safety of your high-end vehicle? Contact us today to get the job done safely and professionally.


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