Almost everyone has once in their life borne witness to a regular tow happening on the side of the road. Automobiles are machines and accidents and breakdowns are a part of their existence.

Hence for as long as there are vehicles on the road, we will witness tow trucks towing vehicles from one place to another.

In most cases normally you will see typical tow trucks towing vehicles but there are some rare cases in which special towing tools and equipment are used to tow vehicles.

Also as a vehicle owner, you might need roadside assistance or towing services off and on in your life, hence remember to hire a certified towing company for such services.

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There are some cases in which automobiles get stuck off-road or large trucks gain so much momentum that they slide entirely off the road.

In such situations recovery towing or vehicle recovery is used to move these vehicles back to safety. Now the question arises how do you know if you need recovery towing or not?

In this blog post we will talk in detail about when you will need recovery towing, the different types of recovery towing and who you should consult for such services. Keep on reading to learn more about recovery towing.

When Do You Need Recovery Towing?

There are many instances where traditional towing is not the safest option. If your automobile ends up off the road then in such a situation you will need recovery towing services, as only with the help of special tools will you be able to recover your vehicle.

Usually, large vehicles like trucks and buses require vehicle recovery towing because they often fly far off the road or invert due to their high momentum when they get into an accident.

Moreover, normal vehicles can also sometimes need recovery towing. For instance, while driving off-road both two-wheel and four-wheel vehicles can end up stuck far away from the road, also while driving on unpaved roads, ravines or mountain pathways your vehicle may get stuck. In all such situations, you will be too far away from the road for standard towing and will need recovery towing services.

So if you ever get stuck in such a situation call a certified towing company and get your vehicle safely recovered.

Types Of Recovery Towing

The following are some of the types of recovery towing:

Light Vehicle Recovery

Standard passenger vehicles such as cars typically need light vehicle recovery. Recovery towing removes your vehicle from an emergency situation when normal tow trucks are insufficient. Driving in the mountains or through the country can be very risky and you can end up getting stuck in a ditch or on unpaved roads.

Recovering a vehicle that has slid into a ravine will require special knowledge of the best techniques and equipment. Some situations in which you will need light vehicle recovery services include:

  • Dead batteries
  • Accidents
  • Terrain blocks
  • Tire punctures
  • Dangerous road conditions that cause slides and spin-off vehicles far off the road
  • Broken down engines

Heavy Vehicle Recovery

The main difference between light and heavy recovery towing is the vehicle’s weight that needs to be recovered. Heavy-duty vehicle recovery is for larger vehicles that go off the road and require a higher towing capacity.

Heavy vehicle recovery is a complex task that involves many considerations to ensure everyone is safe and the heavy vehicle is safely recovered. Hence in such cases make sure you hire a certified towing company, as they have the right tools and trained staff that can easily recover large vehicles.

Common vehicles that need heavy-duty vehicle recovery towing services are:

  • Fleet trucks
  • Commercial trucks
  • Semi-trucks
  • Heavy machinery
  • Bus and motorcoach
  • Tractor-trailers

Always Hire A Professional

If you ever need light-duty or heavy-duty vehicle recovery towing services make sure to only consult a certified towing company. As these certified towing companies have trained professionals and special equipment that is needed for safe recovery towing services.

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