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Tips To Ease Your Anxiety While Waiting For Towing

Tips To Ease Your Anxiety While Waiting For Towing

Are you experiencing towing for the first time? Or are you waiting for your towing vehicle to arrive but getting anxious. Surely, you may be panicking about the safety of your car and the towing vehicle.

Whether you are a driver for a towing vehicle or asking a tow company for their services, easing your anxiety can smoothen the process. Nobody wants to remain stranded in the middle of a road, waiting for a towing vehicle to arrive.

However, with some tips, you can ease your first-time towing anxiety. Following these tips will help guide you on how you can call your towing company, what you can do while waiting for it, and how to tow the vehicle to the destination safely.

Explain Your Area Clearly

Many people are not good at giving directions. A proper explanation about where you are stranded and your location details must be conveyed to the towing company. If you are stranded in a remote area, tell them about anything near you to help them find you.

If you are alone, you may start to feel worried. Therefore, tell the situation to your towing company and ask them to arrive asap. Moreover, tell them about your vehicle and any tools that they would need for it.

Keep Your Cool

Whether you are alone or not, it is important to keep your cool while waiting for the towing company’s vehicle. Read stories online, play games, and keep your family informed about the situation. If you have kids, don’t show them that you are panicking. Tell them that help is coming soon and focus on their food and entertainment needs.

Stay In Your Car

The safest place while waiting for a towing company to arrive is in your car. If your car is leaking fuel or smoldering, then you can leave your car. Otherwise, leaving your car will only increase more stress. Many emergency kits come with reflective jackets. You can wear them to make yourself visible to rescuers.

Play Games

If you are alone, you can play application games just to cut time. The situation can be more stressful if you are with your children. To keep them occupied, play games such as 20 questions, i-spy, or other games. You can also play games on your phone to pass the time.

Don’t Accept Rides

Whatever the situation is, never accept rides from others. It is not uncommon for someone to take advantage of your situation. They may appear to be helping people, but actually have intentions of stealing things from you or maybe planning on kidnapping you. There is no need to hitch a ride with someone you don’t know.

Moreover, you would have called your towing company. Therefore, remain in the vehicle and wait for your towing vehicle to arrive.

Speak Helpful Words

Recite helpful words if you are waiting for your towing vehicle to arrive. This point is useful in any waiting situation. Phrases such as “everything will be okay,” “I am strong,” “This shall pass” are helpful to overcome some anxiety you may have.

Call Your Relative

It is always a good idea to get connected with a loved one. If you are stranded on the road and have enough time to call someone, go for it. This would not only inform them about your situation, but also help pass the time. Let them know the situation you are in and that the towing vehicle will be arriving soon.

Do What You Can

Not all people are experienced in the mechanical operation of their cars. But, having an emergency kit with you can help you in certain situations. There are times when your vehicle has no serious conditions; rather, it just needs a small adjustment to be made.

Your emergency kit must have the necessary equipment to assist you in emergencies. This can include:

  • A spare tire
  • Some essential tools
  • Towel
  • Water bottle
  • Pen and paper
  • Jumper cables

Moreover, check this blog (link for Tips To Manage A Car Breakdown During Night Time Safely) for more tips and emergency kit essentials.

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