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Tips For Towing Your Trailer In The Winter

Tips For Towing Your Trailer In The Winter

People who often find themselves towing a trailer in Canada understand that it’s hard to predict road conditions in the winter. While it’s helpful to check weather reports before hitting the road, starting your journey in favorable weather conditions is highly recommended. In Edmonton, driving conditions can be dangerous in the snow. Only expert tow truck drivers can safely deal with wet and slippery roads. Here are some valuable tips for towing your trailer in the snow:

Watch your speed

Overspeeding is not at all a safe option when it comes to driving in snowy weather conditions. It’s important to slow down and reduce your speed so you can have more time to respond to roadside hazards. Reaching your destination on time might be a headache but crossing the speed limits can create new headaches.

Know your vehicle

Whether you have an all-in-one kind of trailer or you have a 5th wheeler hitched to a heavy-duty truck, make sure to get yourself familiarized with the vehicle. Driving a car is a different experience as compared to driving large vehicles. The more you practice, the more comfortable you will be when driving in the bad weather.

Consider the load

Before you hit the road, make sure to keep in mind the size of your trailer and the extra weight your trailer is carrying. If you’re towing an oversized trailer in the snow, it’s going to be a tough driving experience. Heavy trailers and vehicles don’t move the way small vehicles move in the snow. So, make sure to understand what it takes to safely tow a trailer.

Have an emergency kit

Planning and preparation are two key tasks that ensure the safety and successful completion of the job. So, do yourself a favor and add an emergency kit to your plan. The kit must include tools that can help you get unstuck in the snow. Also, small objects like wind-up torch, a warning triangle, and a blanket will make your journey easy.

Keep your trailer well-maintained

Maintenance is the only way to keep your vehicles and trailers in good working condition. The significance of proper maintenance increases in the winter. Therefore, before you start the trip, inspect your trailer. If you can’t do this, let a mechanic ensure that your trailer is ready for tough roadside conditions. Feel free to call roadside assistance service if you need help.

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Action Towing is proud to serve Edmonton and surrounding areas with top-notch towing and roadside assistance services. We have years of experience dealing with bad weather conditions and delivering efficient and affordable services. Visit our website for more details!


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