Tips For Driving In The Snow

Snowy conditions can create hazardous driving conditions where it becomes difficult to avoid accidents. A driver can be driving down the road with full control and confidence and suddenly a patch of black ice spins the vehicle off the road. First of all, stay home when snow is piling up on the road. If you have to go out, follow these instructions to make the journey safe:

Avoid harsh braking or accelerating

Sometimes roads appear to be clear and safe for normal driving. However, black or transparent ice can make things complicated. It can be difficult to see the ice near intersections and sides of the road. Whether there are just small patches of black ice or heavy snow, be careful when slowing down or accelerating.

A sudden movement can force wheels to spin, and if you use hand brakes, your vehicle can slide. In both cases, you can lose control of your vehicle which is very dangerous. It’s important to be gentle when accelerating or braking in snowy conditions.

Keep distance

Keep a safe distance so that you can have extra time to stop when approaching a stop sign or a traffic light. Snowy roads make it difficult to stop suddenly or slow down. To resolve this issue, increase the space between your car and the one in front of you. When driving on snowy roads, you need to double the space interval to have sufficient time to stop or maneuver. Take the same precaution even if you’re driving a four-wheel drive vehicle.

Ascend hills carefully

When descending from a hill, keep your foot off the accelerator. It’s a slightly technical job to climb up or go down a hill even if the road is dry and clear. Once you reach the top, reduce your speed and make your way down the hill slowly. A sudden movement of the wheel is likely to make your vehicle spin.

Learn how to use brakes on snowy roads

First of all, don’t stop suddenly unless you have to. After a full-stop, your vehicle can skid when accelerating again. For instance, when there is snow on the road, slow down when approaching a red light so that the light turns green before you stop. It can be difficult even for seasoned drivers to judge how slippery snow-covered roads might be. You can evaluate the situation by gently applying the brakes to slow down a bit. You can adjust your driving strategy based on how the road reacts.

If you get stuck and need help, call a vehicle recovery service company to get immediate assistance.

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