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Top 6 Things To Keep In A Roadside Emergency Kit


No one likes getting stranded on the side of the road as it can cause a lot of inconveniences and can be scary as well. If you want to avoid such things, you should consider keeping a roadside emergency kit with you at all times.

In most situations, you are likely to need professional roadside assistance services to get out of such a situation. However, you can make things a little easier by keeping some critical things with you in a roadside emergency kit.

1.Phone Charger/ Power Bank

You should always have a phone charger or a power bank with you that you can use with your specific vehicle. Imagine getting stuck on the roadside, along with a dead phone. Hence, you should not take the risk and keep a separate charger with you at all times. A charged phone will allow you to easily get in touch with professional roadside assistance services.

2.An Extra Tire, Jack, And Lug Wrench

It should go without saying that your vehicle should always have a separate tire, jack, and lug wrench at all times. Using this equipment becomes necessary when you are dealing with an irreparable flat tire. If you don’t have them, being stuck on the road will be a significant inconvenience for you.

When you have a separate tire, you can change it yourself or contact roadside assistance services to let the professionals handle it. Calling an expert is useful as they can deal with all types of issues all the time and can help you get off the road immediately.

Not having a spare tire with you means you will have to buy another one on an immediate basis and pay someone else to bring the tire to you. This will cost you a significant amount of money, time, and energy. Therefore, it is much better to keep a spare tire with you at all times.

3.Snacks And Water

Keeping a water bottle and non-perishable snacks with you, like a granola bar, is a good idea to ensure that even if you get stranded on the road, you have something to eat and drink.

It can come in handy whenever you are stuck in traffic and running late to an important meeting. Similarly, if you become stranded during a storm or a natural disaster, it can take some time for professional vehicle technicians to reach you. Having water and some sort of snack with you will help make you comfortable in such a situation.

Following this tip becomes even more important when you have children. They can get irritated quite quickly if they are hungry, so it is always a good idea to keep some snacks and water bottles in your vehicle for emergency situations.

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The benefit of having a flashlight in your vehicle cannot be understated. If you get stranded in the middle of the night, you will need a flashlight to get through this difficult time. Otherwise, you can face immense difficulty in seeing anything due to pitch black darkness.

5.Reflective Triangles

A lot of people ignore the significance of keeping reflective triangles in their vehicles. However, they can be highly beneficial when you are changing a flat tire while being on the side of the road. These triangles make sure that the other drivers are able to see you.

Keep in mind that extreme weather conditions can significantly impair your visibility and can cause serious hazards to you when you are stuck on the road. Therefore, you should always keep reflective triangles in your vehicle’s emergency kit.

The good thing is that reflective triangles are long-lasting and easy to set up. Hence, you won’t have to buy them again and again. Having such simple things with you at all times can help you avoid a lot of issues and be a life-saver while you wait for professional roadside assistance experts to reach you.

6.First Aid Kit

Having a first aid kit as part of your emergency kit is important. It can come in handy when you are involved in an accident or any other kind of emergency. If you have gotten cut in an accident, you can grab a band-aid quickly and treat yourself before you reach a clinic.

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