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Common Things You Should Do If Your Car Gets Stuck In The Mud


When you drive your vehicle in hilly and sandy areas, there are high chances that your car might get stuck in the mud, and in such situations, you might not be sure whether to gun the engine or give up.

It is very frustrating when the wheels of your vehicle are spinning, but your car isn’t moving an inch. However, in such a situation, you should try to calm your nerves as dealing with this kind of circumstance calmly will help you tackle it easily.

Moreover, you can use some effective tactics depending upon your situation to get back on the road. If the situation is out of your hands, you can even call a provider of emergency towing services for professional assistance.

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If you are unaware of the common practices that can help you get your vehicle out of the mud, then don’t worry. You are in the right spot. In this blog post, we will outline some of the common things that you can do if your car ever gets stuck in the mud.

Always Be Prepared For Such Situations

If you live in an area where flash floods and mudslides are a threat, then in such areas, don’t leave your home without some standard essential items.

Firstly, make sure that you have a shovel. When you live in such areas, you must keep a shovel in the back of your vehicle. You can even buy a foldable, sturdy shovel that will easily fit into your vehicle’s trunk and save a lot of space.

You should also buy a quality tow strap, but make sure you buy one that doesn’t have metal hooks on its ends because if one end becomes loose, it can cause serious injury.

Also, make sure that you attach both its ends to each vehicle’s frame, not to the bumper or body, as it can tear off the parts of your vehicle.

Don’t Make The Situation Worse

If your vehicle gets stuck in the mud, you might think that flooring the gas pedal until you work your way out of the mud will help you get out of the mud, but this is a bad idea.

Not only will this get you more stuck, but it will also cause serious damage to your tires, the car’s axles, and transmission. So if you get stuck in the mud, don’t make the situation worse as it will cause damage to other parts of your vehicle, and fixing all those parts will be more expensive than paying for a tow.

Add Traction

Another common thing that you should do after you have removed the mud is to fill up the gaps with rocks, leaves, and sticks. If you have any wood or cardboard on hand, this could also work.

In difficult times, if you have nothing handy, you can even consider using your vehicle’s rubber floor mats. In short, place whatever dry materials you have in front of each wheel, and it will give you enough traction to power out of the mud.

Dig Around Your Wheels

Before you call for a professional, see if you can dig the mud out from around the wheels of your vehicle. You can even use your hands if you don’t have a shovel, but a shovel will get the job done effectively and quickly.

Call A Professional Towing Company

If all the aforementioned things fail, then there is no shame in calling for a tow truck company. Find a certified towing company that offers recovery towing services and explain your problem to them. They will come with a tow truck that has a powerful winch and strong tow strap, and in no time, you will be back on the road.

About Action Towing

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