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The Dangers Of Canadian Springs And How To Avoid Them

The Dangers Of Canadian Springs And How To Avoid Them

The Canadian thaw season is often accompanied by heavy showers, thunderstorms, lightning storms, strong winds, tornadoes (in some areas), and even floods. Thus, even though spring brings a wave of fresh, lush green beauty and sparkling morning sunlight, it can be perilous, especially for driving enthusiasts. However, the danger is not confined to the weather elements alone. There is a reason why we refer to spring as the thaw season. Melting ice and other external elements are equally dangerous as it takes time for drivers to get used to them after the long quiet winter season.

Although most road accidents occur in the summer, as per statistics, spring’s unpredictability and weather surprises are also responsible for several fatal accidents. As providers of the most reliable roadside assistance services across Edmonton and its surrounding areas, we would like to emphasize that you should never ignore the dangers of driving during spring.

The latter is especially true in the spring month of May when showers and sunlight wrestle to establish their sovereignty over each other. In order to help you drive safely in May and ultimately prepare for summer, this blog attempts to enlighten you regarding the potential road dangers of late spring and how you can overcome them.

How Dangerous Are Canadian Roads In The Spring?

Unlike other Mediterranean countries that enjoy a blissfully mild climate, Canada has harsh winters followed by relatively cold springs. As a result, Canadian roads have patches of semi-molten ice every few meters. Moreover, your eyes might find it hard to adjust to the sudden bright sun peeks after months of a long and dark winter. These and many other factors pose a serious danger to every person who hits the road unprepared.

Some situations that pose such threats include:

Constant Freezing And Thawing Of Road Ice

Undoubtedly, locals are well-aware of this trick of the season. Although the day may seem reasonably warm and pleasant, temperatures can suddenly take a surprisingly new turn at night. As a result, do not be fooled by the melting snow you saw at noon, as it might have turned back to ice at night. Although this rarely happens during late spring, it is better to be cautious about it. Oftentimes, the inability to handle slips on the ice results in major accidents.

Decreased Visibility

During spring, visibility is often a problem as the sun causes the excess water vapour and humidity in the atmosphere to condense. Since spring marks the beginning of heavy downpours, visibility becomes a major concern at this time of the year. Needless to say, this decreased visibility coupled with a lack of caution often leads to unpleasant encounters on the road.

In the event that such a problem arises, call out to a reliable towing company in Edmonton that offers 24/7 emergency roadside assistance services .

Sudden Sunlight Bursts

Although Alberta is better than other sun-starved provinces in the winter, there is a considerable difference between the sunlight received in the winter and that in spring and summer. Besides poor vision resulting from the sudden increase in the UV index , the changing position of the sun, the increase in the amount of sunlight, and enhanced reflection from the accumulated snow will significantly affect your line of sight when driving. It is hard to get used to these abrupt changes for most drivers.

Driving Into The Sun

This point is connected to the previous one, but is slightly different and very important. Due to the transition between seasons and the resulting increase in daylight hours, you will either be driving into the sun in the morning or the evening. This dramatically affects a driver’s sense of sight and often results in many accidents.

Surging Number Of Pedestrians, Active Wildlife, Cyclists, And Construction Work

As the sun begins to slowly bestow the earth with its blissfully benevolent rays, every warmth-deprived creature comes out of its hiding or hibernation. As a result, Canadian roads are busier than usual in the spring. Thus, incidents involving cyclists, construction workers, pedestrians (especially children), and wildlife are pretty common.

How Can You Overcome These Dangers?

  • Judge whether it’s time to change your winter tires
  • Avoid driving into the sun
  • Drive slowly to accommodate cyclists, pedestrians, and children
  • Watch out for construction work and wildlife
  • Check the weather forecast for storm warnings
  • Thoroughly inspect your vehicle (especially the tires)
  • Be extra slow when the visibility is low
  • Exercise patience

What To Do In Case Of A Mishap

Whether you lost control and drove into a nearby mud pond or have a burst tire, we can help you with every major or minor roadside emergency 24/7. Learn more about Action Towing to enjoy superior roadside assistance services.

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