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The Benefits Of A Tilt Tray Flatbed Tow Truck


Mishaps and accidents can occur at any place at anytime. During these emergencies, reliable towing companies can help you get your vehicle back on the road. When thinking of towing, you may imagine a conventional tow truck dragging your broken vehicle to its destination. This may be terrifying for you, especially if you are one of those car owners who take pride in their beautiful and precious vehicles.

But with a tilt tray truck, you won’t need to worry about your car being dragged by its tires on the road over a distance. This blog will discuss some of the advantages of opting for tilt tray tow truck in an emergency.

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Your Vehicle Is On The Move In Less Time

One of the most significant benefits of tilt tray trucks is that they offer a fast process. With a tilt tray tow truck, your car can easily be maneuvered and moved in a way that is necessary to get towed. Tilt tray flatbed tow trucks adjust their flatbed position to lift your vehicle from the ground. Once your car is on it, it can safely be moved to its destination.

They Prevent Additional Damage To Your Vehicle

Once your car is damaged, it becomes delicate and requires extra care to handle it. A tilt tray truck is the best option to move your damaged vehicle to its destination. Instead of dragging your vehicle by connecting it with the hook of a truck, your car can easily be placed on a flatbed and towed safely. Opting for tilt tray trucks for flatbed towing can protect your vehicle from physical damage (dents and scratches) and mechanical damage (linkage and transmission tires).

They Are Less Susceptible To Accidents

Conventional towing methods block the truck’s rearview, which can cause further damage to your vehicle. Moreover, the cars may become detached from the tow truck during traditional towing services. However, although it is rare, it is still possible that it can cause damage to other vehicles on the road. These risks minimized when using a tilt tray truck, as these trucks will have a clear view of the road.

No Risk Of Getting Disconnected

Cars can bedome detached from a tow truck sometimes for various reasons. This could be due to irregular terrain, faulty hooks, uneven weight distribution, etc. But these issues do not occur with tilt tray trucks. With a tilit tray flatbed your vehicle rests on the stationary flatbed of the tilt tray truck. You can easily rest assured that your car will remain safe and steady on the flatbed and reach its destination safely.

They Offer Passenger Transport

After your car gets towed, you may find getting a ride to reach your destination challenging. It can be a great inconvenience to try to find a ride. Fortunately, tilt tow trucks have extra seating capacity to accommodate almost 4 to 5 passengers.

So, when you opt for a tilt tow truck for towing services, you won’t have to worry about getting a ride. You can quickly get a ride in the same truck on which your vehicle is being towed.

They Can Accommodate Vehicles In Difficult Accident Scenarios

It can be very tricky to recover a damaged vehicle. For example, after an accident, tow teams may have to deal with a car that may have fallen in a river, a ditch or a vehicle squeezed between vehicles.

Ordinary or conventional tow trucks can find it challenging to maneuver your vehicle, and it can take a lot of time to pull it out. Compared to these trucks, flatbed trucks can easily accommodate your vehicle under challenging scenarios. Thus, your car can easily be moved using hydraulic power.

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