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Signs Of A Reliable Emergency Towing Service

Signs Of A Reliable Emergency Towing Service

Nobody wants to get stuck in the middle of the road without any help. Fortunately, there are emergency towing services that can help you. Towing services are helpful in situations where your vehicle is no longer functioning, such as break failure, loss of steering capability, or any other mechanical breakdown.

Cars can break down anytime, anywhere of any model. But, knowing how to deal with such a situation is crucial. Knowing the best emergency towing service in town will save you from stress. But, what are the signs of a reliable emergency towing service?

Our blog will guide you about signs that you should look for when hiring a towing service.

Customer Experience

A good towing service will give excellent service. You can get information about customer experience from customer reviews. Read on different platforms about how customers are responding to their services.

You can read Google reviews, Facebook page reviews, or reviews on the website. If they have plenty of good reviews, specifically on a social platform, they are providing reliable services and are well-known in the community.


Any towing service should be certified and licensed. It must follow the registration rules for providing services. Check for their licensing information before deciding to choose them as your towing company.


Another sign of a reliable emergency service is its 24/7 availability. Cars can breakdown during any part of the day. It is, therefore, crucial that you rely on a towing company that is available all time.

Fee Information

Any reliable service must disclose its fee information. Make sure that you have all information about how much they will charge you for their services.

A reliable towing company must have full fee information given on its website or pages. This will save you from spending money on extra hidden charges.

A Good History

Having experience in providing towing services is important. Make sure to hire such an emergency towing service that has a proven record of good services. It doesn’t mean that new companies are not providing reliable services.

But, a company that is experienced and well-known is more reliable. Ask them for some references and confirm with their previous employees the quality of their services.

Roadside Help

Some situations will require roadside assistance before your vehicle can be towed to the desired location. A reliable towing company should provide emergency services such as changing flat tires or recharging batteries.

Hiring such a company with extra services can be convenient. But, that doesn’t mean that those companies without such services are not reliable.

Vehicle Security

A reliable towing service must give you security for your vehicle. They should provide you with a 24-hour monitoring service. If your vehicle has to be with them for an extended period of time, they must provide a written security agreement. It will prevent any theft or vandalism.

Driving Record

Always make sure that your towing company follows the state’s regulations. All drivers of any towing service must have a good driving record. They must have driving licenses issued by the concerned authority. It will ensure that your vehicle is in safe hands, and you can track drivers in case of any mishap.

Drug Testing

Certified drivers show the professionalism of the towing company. Ensure that all drivers are tested for drug-free tests. This will show that the company is part of a business and operates legally. Also, it’s essential to check your employee’s background for any previous criminal charges.

Safe Towing

A towing company’s vehicle must be safe. They should have up-to-date vehicles with strong towing capabilities. They must be able to assure the quality of their vehicles. You can get an idea of their services from previous customer reviews.

Whether it is to tow a regular car or a heavy truck, a reliable towing company must have the right machinery required for the job. If they don’t have the required equipment, they may not be able to provide you reliable services.

Response Time

Fast response time is an excellent quality of a reliable towing company. It means that they have enough towing vehicles to provide you with the services. Ideally, it should take them only about half an hour to reach you. But, sometimes traffic can delay that.

The towing operator should be able to answer the phone as soon as you call him. The team must be able to manage time effectively. Response time is important because you don’t want to remain stranded on the road without any assistance.

Considering these factors will help you find a reliable towing service. Action Towing provides reliable towing services in Edmonton. Contact us for more information.


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