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Signs Your Cars’ Tires Need Attention

Signs Your Cars’ Tires Need Attention

If you have ever forgotten to check your cars’ tires before leaving for a journey, there are some signs you need to watch out for. Your driving experience depends heavily on the condition of your tires. Therefore, your tires will show several signs before going flat or becoming punctured.

Heavy Steering

If, while driving, you start feeling that the steering wheel of your car has become heavy, it may be because of low tire pressure in both or one of your front tires. Anything can happen to your tires during your journey, and they might start to flatten out slowly or abruptly.

If you feel that your vehicle is pulling more to one side while steering your car, you need to pull over and check your cars’ tires. It can be dangerous to continue driving forcefully after realizing that there is something wrong with your tires.

Car Drifting Towards One Side

If one of your front tires has low air pressure or is slowly flattening, your car will drift away towards that side. You will find it difficult to keep your car straight. You might get the first impression that the road might be tilted or have an uneven surface causing the car to pull to one side.

If you feel that one of your cars’ tires has less air pressure, you must get it checked by the next nearest tire shop. Choosing to ignore your cars’ tire pressure can damage the tire. In worst-case scenarios, you can even end up in a severe car accident.

Vibration While Driving

Another sign your tires can show is vibration while driving. If you feel that your car’s drive is not stable anymore without a sudden change in the road or any other significant factor, it might be because of your cars’ tires.

One of the causes can be a swollen tire. The tire causes the car to take a jump every time the swollen portion touches the road. Another reason can be something like a big nail that may have entered your cars’ tire accidentally, as this will also cause the tire to result in instability.

Smell Of Burning Rubber

Have you ever smelled burning rubber while driving before? If yes, then it might be a case of your tires facing a problem. If you ever smell burning rubber while driving have your tires checked the rubber on your tires may be past their lifespan. Another possibility might be that your tires or one tire may be brushing something, your bumper, or any other additional thing you might be carrying on your car. This can cause the rubber to rub against it and cause a burning smell.

Unusual Sounds Coming From The Bottom

A sudden change in the sound coming from the bottom side of your car can also indicate that your tires are in trouble. A flat tire does not make the same sound as a normally inflated tire. If you keep close ears to your car’s changing sounds, you may be able to figure out any changes that may be happening to your tires.

You must be wondering about what you can do if you ever encounter something wrong with your vehicles’ tires. You need to find a nearby professional towing company.

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