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6 Safety Tips For Driving At Night

6 Safety Tips For Driving At Night

While the idea of a night drive, especially in the winter, might sound intimidating to many, adventure enthusiasts love the thrill of driving as the sky showers light snowflakes onto the tranquil Edmonton night roads. On the other hand, couples mostly find the idea incredibly charming and romantic.

Aww, how sweet!

Things, however, are not as delightful as we think they are. Driving at night time is unsafe and driving at night during winter is even worse. A minor miscalculation may cost you your life.

For this reason, numerous authorities such as the Canada Safety Council and the Canadian Association of Road Safety Professionals present a variety of educational material for the general public to avoid any unfortunate events. In the case of any sudden breakdown or emergency, numerous roadside assistance service providers are also available.

However, Action Towing acknowledges its responsibility to keep its valued customers safe on the road. To this end, this blog post will provide a few quick tips on nighttime driving during winter to ensure your safety and well being.

Winter Nighttime Driving Safety Tips

Winter is a harsh season and you may unexpectedly find a slippery spot on the road almost every few meters, the case is even more dangerous during snowfall or rain. However, harsh weather conditions can be overcome if you practice prudence and precaution.

Follow these tips to enjoy a hurdle-free winter drive after sunset:

1. Keep Your Adventure Instincts At Bay In Bad Weather

Adventure temptations are hard to resist, but taking risks in conditions such as heavy snowfalls or rainfall may reap detrimental consequences. After all, the point of adventurous activities is to enjoy life. Unfortunately, taking risks in bad weather can end up in a very bad accident.

Anyway, the point is to avoid driving during bad weather conditions. Instead, look for other distractions like cozying up under a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate and watching Netflix.

2. Plan Beforehand

Nevertheless, sometimes we may find that we need to go out even when conditions are unfavorable. But to ensure road safety, plan your short trip ahead of time. Roadside assistance service providers and various other organizations put forth the following prerequisites for a night drive:

  • Pack an emergency toolkit
  • Thoroughly clean your windshields, review mirrors, and headlights
  • Check the inflation and rotation of your tires
  • Ensure you have enough fuel
  • Test the lights and the engine
  • Store water, flares, and a blanket in your trunk

3. Do Not Go For A Solo Drive

Yeah, we all want some peaceful time to ourselves but driving alone on a winter night is not a very safe thing to do. Have your partner, family member, or friend accompany you. In fact, a group of people and plenty of laughs along the way can make the voyage much more enjoyable.

You do not want to be stranded helplessly on the road alone in the middle of the night at the mercy of Edmonton robbers, do you?

4. A Night Drive Is Not The Time To Flaunt Your Driving Skills

Another common human inclination is the urge to demonstrate their expertise to those they feel attracted to. Okay, so the girl you have an infatuation with agrees to go for a night drive with you but trust me, she does not want a demonstration of your exceptional speed driving at this hour. Not cool!

Instead, opt for a calm, smooth, and slow drive. She will appreciate the fact that you are adhering to the road safety rules.

5. Be Alert At All Times

The night hour itself is one of the biggest distractions while driving. It is very common to feel a bit drowsy and mismanage sudden situations. Consequently, save the trip for another time if you feel sleepy at the moment.

Particularly, pay attention to any signs of movement as far as your vision can take you, and slow down if you suspect an animal might be crossing the road.

6. Immediately Call A Roadside Assistance Service Provider If Things Don’t Go As Planned

Despite careful planning and precaution, fate sometimes finds its way to get you. So if this fateful night has not been very faithful and your car breaks down, avoid any hasty or careless decisions. Do not experiment at this hour instead immediately contact the closest roadside assistance service provider in your area.

About Action Towing

In a world engulfed by incidents and tragedies, Action Towing is your light at the end of the tunnel in Edmonton. No matter the nature of your emergency or roadside assistance service needs, our team of highly trained drivers and experts are always ready to provide you with the best vehicle recovery and towing services. Contact us for more information.


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