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Reasons Why Your Electric Vehicle May Need Roadside Assistance

Reasons Why Your Electric Vehicle May Need Roadside Assistance

As compared to conventional automobiles, electric vehicles offer a number of benefits such as low maintenance costs and reduced emissions. It is probably a good idea to have an electric car in the future. However, despite their numerous benefits, electric vehicles are not free from mechanical issues. They can wear and tear just like any other conventional vehicle, and they may require roadside assistance. Here are some situations where you may need roadside assistance service to get your electric vehicle back on the road:

Dead battery

There is a considerable difference between the battery of an electric vehicle and that of a combustion engine vehicle. No matter how advanced the technology, vehicle batteries deteriorate and their performance declines with the passage of time. Newer electric vehicles come with improved battery technology. However, they will eventually need replacing after a certain period of time. Delaying maintenance or replacement of parts can lead to inconvenience or roadside emergency.

Flat tire

A flat or punctured tire is one of the leading reasons why people need roadside assistance. Tire-related issues also affect electric vehicles. General wear on the treads or a sharp object on the road can lead to tire failure. Electric vehicles are relatively heavy due to the additional weight of the battery which can put more pressure on the tires. It is advisable to inspect tires regularly to ensure you know when to replace them. Regular maintenance is one of the best ways to avoid roadside problems.

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Brake-related problems

When it comes to brake failures, electronic models are pretty much the same as all other vehicles. Brake failure is another common reason why people have to call a professional roadside assistance company. Again, regular maintenance will help you identify potential problems like worn pads and rotors.

About Action Towing

Providing roadside or towing service to electric vehicles requires sophisticated technology. Most people think that towing is an industry which uses outdated technology to deliver their services. On the contrary, some of the top towing companies use advanced technology to provide faster and cheaper roadside services. As a reputable towing company in Edmonton, we take technology as an opportunity to grow quickly and improve public safety. No matter the model or technology of your vehicle, we are prepared to provide prompt roadside assistance as well as towing services. From providing long distance towing to fixing minor mechanical problems, we provide comprehensive services making your life easier. Contact us for more information!


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