Do you often get a flat tire and now wondering why it happens to you all the time? Getting a flat tire is probably your least favorite inconvenience to deal with. Sharp objects penetrating through the surface of a tire is a common reason why you face this inconvenience often. It’s impossible to prevent a flat tire in some cases. However, you can take certain steps to reduce your chances of getting a flat tire. Let’s take a look at some of the common flat tire causes:

Improper tire inflation

If you do not maintain or check your tire pressure regularly, your chances of getting a flat are likely to be high. For example, when a tire is underinflated, the contact patch flattens out and become larger leading to accelerated tire wear. On the other hand, when tires are overinflated, the tire footprint shrinks in size. Maintaining proper tire inflation not only helps prevent heat buildup and flat but also have a significant and positive effect on fuel consumption and the tire’s service life.


Valve stems deteriorate and cause air leakage. Most of the time drivers replace the old valve stems along with the old tires. However, if a tire loses air slowly over 1-3 psi a month, you should schedule a replacement earlier to avoid further inconvenience. Air can leak through the worn sealing of the tire bead. You can apply water along the valve stem to check whether or not there is a leakage. Over-tightening valve cores can also cause the leak.

Temperature change

Temperature is one of the reasons why tire pressure increases or decreases slowly. For instance, a tire loses about 2% of air with every 10°F drop and vice versa. Air expands when heated and shrinks when cooled. During the summer months, the chances of a tire burst become high. Therefore, it is important to keep the air pressure in check when the temperature is on the rise.

Road hazards

Damaged roads, construction zones, potholes, debris and other road hazards can wreak havoc on a vehicle’s wheels and tires. It’s difficult to observe nails, bolts, broken metals from older vehicles and other sharp and tiny objects on the road while driving. These objects can lead to flat tire and serious road accidents.

The care and maintenance is the best strategy to avoid flat tire and other mechanical issues. If you ever get a flat tire and don’t have the skills and equipment to deal with the situation, call a nearby roadside assistance service to resolve the problem.

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