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Reasons Why You Should Not Tow Your Own Car

Reasons Why You Should Not Tow Your Own Car

It’s a common perception that towing a car by attaching a hauling tow ball hitch to it is an easy job which doesn’t involve any special equipment or skills. Without proper tools, towing knowledge and experience, it’s dangerous to tow a heavy object such as a car. While an unexpected car breakdown is an inconvenient situation, towing your own car in such a situation isn’t a safe option. Let’s discuss some of the technical towing aspects that explain why you should not tow your own car:

Improper rating

There is always a limit to the amount of weight a vehicle can safely tow without causing any damage. Towing rating is a technical term that most people don’t understand. If you don’t know the rating of the vehicle you want to tow, there is a chance you would get it overloaded or damaged during the hauling process. Heat exhausted transmission, suspension damage, exploding tires, and brake failure are some the consequences when someone doesn’t consider the rating factor.

Improper tongue weight levels

Tongue weight refers to the downforce from the tongue of the trailer to the hitch of the towing vehicle. It is anywhere from 9% to 14% of the gross trailer weight. Exceeding these limits will create problems when steering your vehicle. Improper tongue weight levels make the vehicle sway when you drive it. It’s important to double check that the tongue weight is at the perfect levels.

Improper towbars

Towbars are important equipment with varying ratings. You need a proper towbar for your vehicle. Lack of experience might lead you to use the wrong type of towbar which can cause vehicle damage and numerous safety issues.

Violation of regulations

There are some rules and regulations when it comes to the towing business. Towing laws demand that you observe strict adherence to a number of rules; for example, the proper use of taillights and safety chains. If you’re unaware of the laws applicable in your city or province, you may unknowingly break the laws and find yourself in trouble. Moreover, a professional towing company has the license and certificates that enable them to perform their business activities.

Improper braking systems

Tow trucks have special braking systems due to the intensity of the job. When a vehicle carries or moves a heavy load, the braking system becomes less effective as it has to work harder. It’s advisable not to perform a towing operation when you don’t understand how towing braking systems work.

In case you have to tow your car, call a professional and reputable towing company to get the job done in a safe and timely manner. If you’re in Edmonton, call Action Towing to get your car safely moved!


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