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Tips To Ensure Safety When Your Car Breaks Down

Tips To Ensure Safety When Your Car Breaks Down

Imagine a situation in which your car hits a massive pothole and one of the tires blows out, or when your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere on the road and you have absolutely no idea what to do. Most people tend to panic when they face roadside emergencies, which only adds to existing problems. If you ever face a roadside emergency, stay calm and call one of the towing and roadside assistance services to get you out of trouble. Before you call for help, make sure you observe the following safety precautions:

Move off the road

The first thing you should do, after your car breaks down, is moving off the road if possible. Moving to the side of the road before the car stops will help you avoid a traffic disturbance. By doing so, you will be able to contain the situation better. Moreover, it is a bad idea to stop on blind corners, opposite sides of the road or bridges. If possible, you can use an exit or emergency lane or a rest stop.

Make your presence felt

Once you have managed to position your car to the safe side of the road, try to communicate your situation and let other drivers know that your car has broken down. One of the most effective techniques to do this is the use of hazard lights. If your car is damaged in a road accident, you probably don’t need to communicate the situation: the damaged car will say it all.

Try to assess your car’s operating issues

Apart from road accidents, there can be thousands of reasons why a vehicle breaks down. If you observe an unusual noise, smoke or car response, use these signs to figure what could go wrong. If you are unable to move your car off the road, watch carefully for the oncoming traffic especially when weather conditions are poor. Poor visibility can make a bad situation even worse. Therefore, before you try to assess your car’s condition, exit the car from the side away from the traffic.

Call for roadside assistance

If you are unable to fix your car, call one of the nearby towing or roadside assistance companies which provides 24/7 emergency services. The internet has made it extremely easy to find information online. You can just search for the nearest towing company using your smartphone.

Towing company in Edmonton

Action Towing is one of the most dependable roadside assistance companies in Edmonton. We deliver fast and affordable services. If you are in Edmonton and need help from a towing company, give us a quick call!


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