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How To Prevent Your Car’s Engine From Overheating

How To Prevent Your Car’s Engine From Overheating

Heat can ruin your car’s engine if your car’s cooling system isn’t working properly. Delaying important car maintenance activities can lead to annoying car problems such as a dead battery or overheating which is something that requires immediate attention from the driver. Whenever you notice your vehicle is overheating, you can prevent potential harm by taking the following steps:

Pull over

As soon as you see the temperature gauge showing an abnormal rise in temperature, you should pull over immediately, turn off the car and let the car’s engine cool down. Issues like overheating happen frequently during hot days. When the engine overheats, you might see steam emanating from the hood. You should keep an eye on the temperature gauge in order to avoid serious steam and prevent serious damage to the engine.

Open the hood

Opening up the hood will allow the heat to escape quickly. Keeping all the heat trapped inside the hood will make things even worse. Don’t get yourself burned when opening the hood. Some vehicles have safety latches close to the radiator cap and if the heat is coming from the radiator cap, you need to be extra careful.

It’s not appropriate to remove the radiator pressure cap while the engine is still hot. If you do so, a combination of steam and radiator fluid coming out with pressure can cause serious burns. Wait for the engine to cool down.

Inspect the coolant reservoir tank

Modern cars often come with a plastic reservoir coolant at the top of the radiator. Check the coolant reservoir tank, fill it if the coolant is low. There is usually a mark showing the level of coolant. Make sure to fill whenever the coolant is at or below the level. You can check the owner’s manual to see if your car model allows you to add liquid to the reservoir even if the engine is hot.

Check the cooling system for leaks

It’s important that you keep your car radiator in good working condition. The cooling system might have a leak if the levels in the coolant reservoir are topped up. Experienced drivers usually know how to check the core plugs in the engine block, cylinder head or radiator for leakage. If you’re not familiar with these auto parts and you’re unable to resolve the issue, you can call a roadside assistance service for instant help.

If your car was low on coolant and you’re able to refill it, you don’t need professional assistance. You should be able to drive once the engine is cooled down. It’s not a good idea to keep on driving while your car’s engine is still hot as it can cause serious damage.

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