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How To Make Your Brakes Last Longer

How To Make Your Brakes Last Longer

Brake failure on the way to your destination can be quite a distressing moment that can cost you your life and other vehicle damages. Every driver is familiar with how crucial vehicle breaks are for their safety and the car’s functionality. They are one of the most used parts of any vehicle that need special care and attention. This special care and attention are needed to provide you with a safe journey every time you drive your vehicle.

However, the brakes and typical brake pads wear out and need special repair or replacement with time. If your vehicle’s brakes are not in proper working condition, the chances are that you will experience a difficult journey every time you try to go for a ride in that vehicle. Your vehicle might break down in the middle of the road, causing you to have to call an emergency roadside service.

Most of us are familiar with the importance of breaks, yet when it comes to taking care of our brakes, most of us find ourselves guilty. Therefore, taking care of your vehicle’s brakes is always necessary to prevent any mishaps from happening on the road.

Brake failure is one of the common causes of accidents on the road. This blog post mentions how you can make your brakes last longer and what you can do to avoid their wear out.

Change Your Brake Fluid Periodically

Changing your brake fluid every 2 to 3 years is necessary to avoid any problem with your brakes. Hydraulic brakes are common if you drive cars. Upon pressing the brake, the vehicle comes to a halt due to the pressure in the brake fluid. But, the brake fluid can heat up from time to time, and moisture contamination can develop. This can damage the brakes and cause rust to develop.

Therefore, changing the brake fluids periodically is necessary to prevent moisture contamination and rust. Preventing rust can make the brakes last longer.

Maintain An Optimum Distance

Giving yourself enough space to apply the brakes while driving is also necessary. But this is only possible when you maintain an optimum distance from the car ahead of you. You should not speed up or park your car so that it nearly touches the vehicle’s bumper ahead of you. This will give you enough space and time to stop your car and not have to slam on your brakes.

Slow Down Your Car Before Stopping

Not hitting the brakes suddenly is key to having long-lasting brakes. The vehicle has to convert the transforming power into heat. If you are traveling at a high speed, the brakes will have to convert more power into heat. This energy is released when the vehicle is stopped.

So, if you are traveling at a high speed of 100 or 120 km/hr, the brakes will have to convert more power into heat. Therefore, it is better to slow down your car before stopping your car. This will give it enough time to convert the power into heat.

Try Engine Braking

While going down a mountain or coming down a steep hill, it might be tempting to keep pressing your brakes to maintain speed and control.

However, this act can put pressure on your brakes and affect their performance. In such situations, engine braking can be useful. Engine braking is the act of slowing down your car through gears. Shifting to lower gear will decelerate your car and slow it down. Thus, it puts minimal pressure on the brakes and doesn’t affect their performance.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your brakes in perfect condition is necessary to have a smooth journey every time you drive your vehicle. If you fail to maintain them, chances are that your car will break down on the road, and you will have to call an emergency roadside assistance service. Keeping your brakes in good condition and looking for alternative ways can reduce their workload and make them last for years.

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