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Types Of Towing: Local Towing vs. Long-Distance Towing


Most people who own a vehicle will at some point in time need a towing service. Even the most reliable and sturdiest vehicles can break down and need to be towed to a repair shop. Moreover, dangerous weather conditions or a roadside accident may render your vehicle inoperable and require you to hire a towing service for it. Similarly, some owners may want to tow their car to a car show or to their new home without adding extra mileage to their car.

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Unfortunately, many people don’t bother to think about towing services until they come to know that they need one. However, the towing industry is not a small sector where you can expect no variations, there are a lot of different types of tows. The type of tow you need will depend on your certain conditions. Therefore, it is better to understand and read about the different types of towing before contacting a towing company to hire a tow truck.

The following blog explains the basic types of towing classified on the basis of distance covered, that is local towing and long-distance towing to help you better understand what you need at what time.

Local Towing

The most common type of towing service that most drivers will utilize at least once in their lifetime is local towing. In this service, the vehicle (usually damaged and inoperable) is carried to its destination or nearest repair center using a specific type of tow truck. Here is what you need to know about local towing services.


Local towing services are used to drive vehicles to nearby places. Local towing involves any job that involves 100 air mile CDL to 150 air mile CDL.

When Do You Need It?

When your vehicle faces a mechanical malfunction it can be due to an accident or wear and tear. Normally local towing is used to carry your vehicle to the nearest mechanic or repair shop so that you can get your vehicle repaired and get back on the road in minimal possible time.


Since local towing involves traveling short distances as compared to long-distance towing it takes comparatively less time. However, the exact time taken to tow depends on various factors including; area, weather conditions, and actual distance covered.

Long Distance Towing

As the name specifies, this towing service covers long distances, even intra-city or intra-state towing. This type of towing requires highly-skilled professionals that can long-distance towing without causing any damage to your vehicle. Here is what you should know about long-distance towing.


The feature that distinguishes it from other types of towing is the distance traveled. Long-distance towing is anything that goes for over 100 air miles for CDL drivers while over 150 air miles for non-CDL drivers.

When Do You Need It?

If you need to tow your vehicle over a great distance then long-distance towing is your option. If you are planning to shift cities and don’t want to drive your car there, or your car gave up while being far away from home and you can’t call your local towing services, then long-distance towing is the safest option to opt for.


Long-distance towing is a lengthy process that will obviously take longer compared to local towing services. Therefore, during long-distance towing you should be ready to commit for much longer times. When long-distance towing is planned beforehand, for instance when you are moving to a new home, a professional towing company will be able to give you the time estimates.

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