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How To Keep Yourself Safe From Towing Scams


Towing companies are a saviour when you are stranded on the road with your broken-down vehicle. They are the first thing that comes into your mind when something bad happens to your vehicle. You want to get help from a professional mechanic as soon as possible to continue on your way. Although most of these companies are offering reliable services, many of them are scams as well. Their fraud is becoming frequent, and you need to beware of those towing scams.

Keeping this in mind, we have curated this blog to explain how you can hire a professional towing company. There are some hidden scams that most laymen will not understand. It is your right to work with a reputable towing company to ensure that you receive the best service with an experienced and professional fleet of drivers. Continue reading this blog post to find out how you can save yourself from certain towing scams.

Common Towing Scams That You Must Avoid

Exaggerating Your Problem

One of the biggest scams you might come across is the service provider exaggerating your problem, especially if you do not know anything about your vehicle. Many times the driver is not aware of the problem with the vehicle, and the alleged roadside assistance providers take advantage of this.

Such unprofessional towing companies will take advantage of your ignorance and exaggerate the problem so that they can charge more. Also, they might trick you into paying for unnecessary costs.

They fabricate the problems in your vehicle. For example, you might ask them for a tire replacement in case of a flat tire, and they might also say there is some problem with your battery. You are helpless in such situations, and you do not have any other option but to pay them.

Chaser Drivers

Your roadside assistance company might suggest a local repair shop or storage garage to store your vehicle for the night. However, it is illegal if your driver suggests such things, and such drivers are called chasers. They do this because they get their commission from the local repair shops.

On the other hand, your insurance company may not work with those shops, and you will have to pay out of your pocket to choose their services. All this is because of your ignorance towards your vehicle and not knowing the qualities of a professional towing company.

Avoid Unknown Companies

There are scammers on the road looking for people with broken-down vehicles. These unsolicited companies often show up and offer you roadside assistance instead of asking you to wait for your designated towing company.

They often come with the intention to misuse your situation and offer you a quick recovery or towing service. Accepting such services can put you in dangerous situations as they are unprofessional. Therefore, it is better to research for a professional company or higher than your insured one.


Many companies might pretend to partner with your insurance companies as well and take important information to scam you later on. However, you must be wary of such towing scams and avoid such chasers or unsolicited companies that might show up.

You must call your insurance company if something happens with your vehicle as they will properly guide you. Also, be sure to read all towing documents before signing them. If you think someone is taking your car without your permission, it is better to call the police or at least threaten them. You can also check the municipal number issued by the local government to check for their originality.

Be Safe With Professional Towing Services

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At Action Towing, we do our best to provide our clients with competitive market rates across the board. As valued clients, we thank you for your business and understanding. You can contact us here for more details.


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